Warp to these Star Trek Blu-Ray deals to explore space, the final frontier

Star Trek TOS The Complete Series
Warp into a discount with this Blu-Ray set of Star Trek TOS: The Complete Series. Credit; CBS/Paramount (Image credit: CBS/Paramount)

Boldly learn about Star Trek franchises young and old with this set of Blu-Ray deals at Best Buy.

The biggest deal is the first three seasons of the Star Trek Discovery series, on sale right now at Best Buy for $84.99. At a 23% discount over the usual price, you can learn about the ongoing series' tardigrade-infused starships at a discount.

If you prefer classic Trek, Star Trek TOS The Complete Series is on sale right now at Best Buy for $84.99. This 11% discount will let you catch up on this essential Trek background, as the newer franchises constantly refer to the adventures of Kirk and Spock.

Further back in time, voyage with Star Trek Enterprise The Complete Series on sale at Best Buy for $73.99. That's a nearly 20% discount, allowing you to watch an early-day Starfleet grappling with the challenges of forging a peaceful path with species such as the Klingons.

Star Trek TOS: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray $95.99 $84.99 at Best Buy

Star Trek TOS: The Complete Series on Blu-Ray $95.99 $84.99 at Best Buy

Live long and prosper! Star Trek: The Original Series remains fresh after 55 years thanks to the fun adventures of Captain James T. Kirk and his most logical sidekick officer, the Vulcan alien Spock. You'll want to watch this series to get the most classic Star Trek tropes.

Star Trek Enterprise The Complete Series on Blu-Ray: $89.99 $73.99 at Best Buy

Star Trek Enterprise The Complete Series on Blu-Ray: $89.99 $73.99 at Best Buy

Tractor beam yourself into the historical lore of Star Trek with Enterprise. The series explores the early years of interstellar exploration and humanity's encounters with other species such as the Vulcans, Klingons, Andorians and a newly introduced group to the show, the Earth-threatening Xindi.

Star Trek Discovery Seasons 1 to 3 on Blu-Ray: $109.99 $84.99 at Best Buy

Star Trek Discovery Seasons 1 to 3 on Blu-Ray: $109.99 $84.99 at Best Buy

Warp into one of the newer generations of Star Trek with this three-season edition of Discovery, which will catch you up to 2020. The franchise's emphasis on diversity expands to transgender and non-binary starring characters, and Discovery adds new ship elements such as tardigrades.

Star Trek is in a huge growth phase with a proliferation of new series. Any one of these Blu-Ray sets will help you get historical context with the new adventures, currently streaming on Paramount Plus, or with any of the more than dozen Star Trek movies of the franchise.

Star Trek: Discovery is ongoing and in its fourth season, while newer franchises such as Star Trek: Lower Decks and Star Trek: Picard already have full seasons out for you to enjoy.

The newest entry to the franchise, Star Trek: Prodigy, explores the world of Captain Kathryn Janeway as a follow to the highly-rated Star Trek: Voyager, which saw her crew stranded in deep space when something on their ship went awry.

Star Trek is standard orbit reference for a lot of real-life science, including medical tricorders and planetary sensors. Several astronauts are self-proclaimed Trekkies, and a few have been on the show. In fact, Captain James T. Kirk's real-life actor (William Shatner) made his own space voyage in 2021.

The show is also so widely known that it can be lampooned, to excellent effect. A new season of the Trek-inspired comedy The Orville should warp into view in 2022. Trekkies were also honored in episodes of Black Mirror and Saturday Night Live in recent years.

While money is obsolete in the latter Star Trek universe, for now these deals are the best way to get value for your time. Make sure to snag these Blu-Ray discounts before they beam away.

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