Sony A7 III now $500 off in this Black Friday camera deal

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The Black Friday camera deals have been coming hard and fast this year, and here's one more for you — the Sony A7III is now $500 off in this Black Friday deal at Amazon. This is still a popular camera even 5 years after it was released and it's held its value well, so this is a great deal to take advantage of.

For $1498, you can pick up this fantastic 24MP camera that can practically see in the dark — we loved it for astro and low light photography when we reviewed the Sony A7 III, and we picked it as the best value mirrorless camera in our best cameras guide.

When paired with one of the best lenses for astrophotography, this camera truly excels. It might not have the latest tech of the best mirrorless cameras, but it's still a favorite and a great deal.

Sony A7 III was $1999.99 now $1498 at Amazon. 

Sony A7 III was $1999.99 now $1498 at Amazon

Save $500 on one of our favorite cameras, the Sony A7III, in this deal from Amazon. It's great in low light and has brilliant autofocus (albeit not the latest tech), and we think for the price, you can't go wrong.

This Sony A7III Black Friday deal is just for the camera body and all the usual extras (strap, battery etc) — but you can always put that $500 saving towards one of the best zoom lenses.

It has 5 stops of image stabilization, 10FPS maximum shooting and can shoot 4K video, which is more than enough for most uses. As it's getting older the tech is showing its age, so we'd now recommend this as more of an entry-level full-frame camera, but it still produces fantastic results and we were really happy with it when we reviewed the Sony A7 III.

It has an extended ISO range of 50 to 204800 and can autofocus down to EV-3, which is good enough for most casual astrophotography uses. Although it's not without its faults, we think it's great value for money and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for this price of $1498.

If you're on a budget, some of the best beginner cameras might be more in your price range, while the best cameras for astrophotography will suit dedicated astro shooters.

Key Specs: The 24.2MP sensor strikes a good balance between detail and low image noise, perfect for low-light shooting. It's accurate autofocus and 10FPS burst rate make this camera great for portraits, and the extended ISO of 50 to 204800 means it's great in low light. It's lightweight at 1.43 lbs / 650g and has two 2x MS/SD (1x UHS-II compliant) card slots.

Consensus: While it doesn't boast the latest tech, the Sony A7 III is an impressive entry-level full-frame camera that offers photographers and videographers amazingly high performance for the price point.

Buy if: You're looking for a compact camera for astro shooting or to take traveling with you, but don't want to spend too much.

Don't buy if: You want the latest model. This camera is over 5 years old and starting to show its age, so if you want the latest tech you'll need a newer model.

Alternative models: If you're a pro and have a big budget, we cannot recommend the Sony A7R V enough — it's incredible. If you want newer tech but don't have a big budget, consider the new APS-C Sony A6700 — it has AI-powered autofocus a fully articulating screen. 

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