Should I buy a star projector on Black Friday 2024?

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Star projectors are starting to see some early Black Friday discounts ahead of this year's annual sales event, but what are they and should you buy a star projector on Black Friday / Cyber Monday?

Whether you’re looking to help settle into a relaxing sleep, or you want an astronomically accurate display to help identify constellations and planets, we’ve got a list of the best star projectors in 2023.

If you’re looking for a particular model, though, you may be wondering if it’s best to buy one on Black Friday or hold out for another deal. We’ve got you covered, and more, but the long and short of it is if you find the model you’re interested in, there’s unlikely to be a bad time to buy. Here’s why.

Top Black Friday star projector deal right now

Top projector deal
Pococo galaxy star projector: was $145.99now $79.99 on Amazon
Editor's pick

Pococo galaxy star projector: was $145.99, now $79.99 on Amazon

Save 47% over at Amazon on one of the best star projectors. We love the accurate star projections, additional realistic image disks to match our time and location and the great styling on this star projector.

What is a star projector?

A star projector is, as the name suggests, a form of light-based projection that illuminates your room with a pattern in the form of stars and other celestial bodies - at least if you opt for a more realistic one.

Some are soothing, less accurate representations, while others look just like the night sky.

One of the most surprising things about star projectors is perhaps just how versatile they are in 2023, with the range running the gamut from painstakingly detailed, planetarium-rivaling options that’ll make you feel like you’re lying outside, to more ambient-focused nightlights to help you sleep.

We’ve taken a look at a lot of them and put together our best star projectors list, covering all budgetary options and those designed to get your newborn to sleep, all the way to the ones that’ll help you spot shooting stars.

What is the best early Black Friday star projector deal?

One of our highest-rated star projectors, earning a four-and-a-half star rating in our review, is the Aurora Borealis Northern Lights Galaxy Star Projector which we dubbed the 'best star projector for space parties'.

While its MSRP is $219.97, manufacturer Encalife has dropped the price by 50% ahead of November 24 — meaning it’s just $109.97. The Atmosphere Smart Galaxy Star Projector is also 50%% off, now just under $100, also from Encalife.

That’s not all, with Amazon cutting 25% off of the POCOO Galaxy Star Projector to bring it down to $105.99.

Rounding out the early Black Friday deals is the Orzorz Galaxy Night Light, with 11% off at Amazon to bring it to $79.99

Pococo galaxy star projector: was $145.99now $89.99 on Amazon

Pococo galaxy star projector: was $145.99, now $89.99 on Amazon

Save over 38% with an extra 12% off by applying the coupon over at Amazon on one of the best star projectors.

Aukyo Astronaut Star Projector Was $34.99 Now $29.74 on Amazon. 

Aukyo Astronaut Star Projector Was $34.99 Now $29.74 on Amazon

Save 15% on this star projector that we loved for its novelty when we reviewed a near-identical model previously. It's best suited to kids as a night light.

Why you should buy a star projector on Black Friday

A photo of a projection

(Image credit: Tantse Walter)

While star projectors work for a variety of reasons, from mindfulness to astronomical curiosity, the underlying technology doesn’t tend to move on a great deal year after year.

The Sega Toys Homestar Flux is our pick for the best star projector, but it’s unlikely to be usurped by some hitherto unseen technology emerging in the coming year, or a disruptive new manufacturer.

That makes star projectors, perhaps more so than the likes of cameras, TVs, and other consumer tech, a much easier purchase to make - particularly during a sales event like Black Friday.

Why you should wait to buy a star projector

Naturally, as with any purchase, there’s the chance you’ll find something considerably cheaper over time - but it’s hard to argue with a good deal for star projectors for the reason outlined above.

We’d also recommend leaning away from laser star projectors - if those have caught your eye on Black Friday (pun absolutely intended), then you may be worth looking for an alternative.

The U.S Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ‘recognizes four major hazard classes (I to IV) of lasers, including three subclasses (IIa, IIIa, and IIIb). The higher the class, the more powerful the laser is and the greater the potential to pose serious injury if used improperly.'

Thinking of a star projector as a laser in the same category as laser pointers, there is a risk of injury.

Which star projectors are likely to be discounted for Black Friday?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule that decides what gets a discount and what doesn’t, but based on last year's and recent releases we can make a guess.

This Astronaut star projector is $34.99, but dropped under $10 last Black Friday, making it ideal for curious kids, or those looking to make the bedtime routine a little easier.

At the premium end of the spectrum, we’ve already pointed out the Encalife deals, and we've already seen the POCOCO model drop down to below $90 (not before the price on Amazon went up to $145.99 though).

Another big price drop is expected for the LaView Star Projector HD. While it’s currently available with $30 off using a coupon, the price has dipped regularly every month from January to June, dropping down to around $80 regularly. Expect a discount for Black Friday.

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