Save $200 on the Celestron NextStar 4SE, a top entry-level telescope

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The Celestron NextStar 4SE telescope is compact and powerful, a common feature among Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes, and it's now $200 off.

These telescopes have several mirrors which reflect and bend the light to create an image. The benefit of these mirrors is that optical aberration is heavily reduced and they have a relatively high focal length in a short tube. Furthermore, the Starbright XLT coating further increases the image quality by collecting as much light as possible. Currently, you can pick up the Celestron Nexstar 4SE & PowerTank Lithium LT Telescope Battery card right now for $598.95.

This telescope also comes with a wedge that can be used as an equatorial mount. However, it's worth noting that the motor capabilities in the wedge are not designed for long-exposure astrophotography.  

You can check out our Celestron NexStar 4SE review for a more detailed look at it, but interestingly this telescope also features in our guide for Best beginner telescopes too.

Celestron Nexstar 4SE Telescope and PowerTank LT Lithium Battery was $778.95

Celestron Nexstar 4SE Telescope and PowerTank LT Lithium Battery was $778.95 now $598.95 on Amazon.

Save $200 on this excellent telescope and battery bundle. It has a 4-inch aperture, a fully automated GoTo mount with a database of over 40,000 celestial objects that can locate and track for you and excellent optics that allow for stunning views of the night sky.

Where the 4SE excels, particularly at its price point of $598.95, is in planetary details such as the rings of Saturn or the close bands on Jupiter. Lunar observations reveal intricate surface features with stunning clarity. Even deep sky objects like star clusters and nebulae exhibit good levels of detail.

The 4SE includes a wedge that can be used as an equatorial mount. However, the motor capabilities in the wedge are not suitable to be used for long-exposure astrophotography. Where this does eclipse other telescopes at the same price point is close celestial body observations (Planets and Moons). As mentioned above Maksutov-Cassegrain telescopes have long focal lengths and the 4SE follows suit. It comes with a 1325mm focal length which aids it in providing quality images.

Celestron telescopes boast a unique feature called SkyGoTo technology, incorporating computerized and motorized control systems that simplify the process of locating celestial objects. Supported by a vast database of over 40,000 objects, this technology utilizes the telescope mount to accurately position the 4SE. An accompanying app interfaces with the mount, enabling the selection of objects for observation. The only drawback is that the alignment process requires manual input, necessitating the user to point the telescope toward the desired celestial body. However, once aligned, the SkyGoTo system aids in effortlessly locating and tracking objects of interest.

The Celestron 4SE telescope typically operates on eight double AA batteries, and this deal includes Celestron's own brand power bank, providing over eight hours of continuous use. This eliminates the need for additional accessories, enhancing the overall viewing experience. Additionally, the 4SE comes with a 25mm eyepiece, which, when combined with the 1325mm focal length, offers a 1.2-degree viewing angle. To further increase the viewing angle, you have the option of purchasing a 32mm eyepiece. Although this telescope has one or two minor drawbacks they are far outweighed by the brilliant viewing experience. 

Celestron Nexstar 4SE Telescope and PowerTank LT Lithium Battery was $778.95

Celestron Nexstar 4SE Telescope and PowerTank LT Lithium Battery was $778.95, now $598.95 on Amazon.

Save $200 on an excellent catadioptric telescope that now comes in at an excellent discount.

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