Save 20% on Lego's Hoopty spaceship from The Marvels this Black Friday

Lego Marvel The Hoopty
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Fancy grabbing yourself a newly-released Lego set with a sizeable discount? You can land Captain Marvel's own spaceship and save a bundle this Black Friday. has slashed 20% off the price of Lego Captain Marvel ship The Hoopty, making it $71.99 instead of $89.99.

Released alongside the brand new movie The Marvels, this set only hit stores this August. So to get a decent discount this soon  — and from Lego itself!  — is quite surprising. If you're a Marvel fan or enjoyed the movie this set is based on, now's a good time to grab Lego Marvel The Hoopty.

Being so new we haven't had chance to get our hands on this set yet, and so we can't tell you whether it's one of the best Lego Marvel sets available. But we certainly like the look of it. Aimed at kids aged eight and up, this Lego Marvel The Hoopty set is solidly in playset territory, and it'll make an excellent Christmas gift for a young fan of The Marvels – or anyone who loves a fantastical Lego spaceship.

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Lego Marvel The Hoopty: was $89.99 now $71.99 at

Lego Marvel The Hoopty: was $89.99 now $71.99 at

Save 20% on this brand new Lego release, based on The Hoopty ship from the recent cinema release of The Marvels. It's made up of 420 pieces and comes with three minifigures along with plenty of moving parts, making it a perfect playset for young Marvel fans.

Made up of 420 pieces, the Lego Marvel The Hoopty isn't the biggest or most complicated Lego build. But its conservative piece count makes it a great build for younger Marvel fans, or those new to Lego. Once it's built, it's still fairly impressive in side: it measures 9 inches x 8 inches x 3 inches, so it's a chunky model for kids to get their hands on.

Making a great playset, the ship comes with plenty of interactive features. The cockpit opens up, it's fitted with two firing stud shooters, and the interior is packed with authentic equipment like music records and scientific equipment. 

We're also big fans of the three minifigures you'll find in this set: there's Captain Marvel, Photo and Ms Marvel. And let's not forget adorable Goose the Flerken.

The set comes with full printed instructions inside the box, but you can also download the Lego Builder app if you want to make use of its intuitive rotate and zoom tools to make building more immersive than ever.

Lego Marvel The Hoopty

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Key Specs: Based on the shop of the same name from the recent The Marvels movie, the Lego Marvel The Hoopty set is very much aimed at kids. This 8+ playset features three minifigures and plenty of moving parts, like stud shooters and a cockpit with room for all minifigs. It's made up of 420 pieces and has set number 76232.

Consensus: This is a fairly simple set but it's sizable, making it a great playset for kids - particularly those who love Marvel. It might not appeal to collectors (unless you want to get your hands on its cool minifigures), but we still appreciate a saving on a relatively new release.

Buy if: You're shopping for a young Marvel fan who enjoyed The Marvels, or who loves chunky Lego ships to play with.

Don't buy if: You're an advanced Lego builder and you have no real interest in The Marvels movie.

Alternative models: For adults looking for a more appropriate Marvel build, Thor's Hammer is worth a look. It's a little pricier, but Lego Marvel sets don't come much better than the Sanctum Sanctorum.

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