My favorite camera is $400 off for Cyber Monday! Hurry!

Sony A7R V in reviewer's hands
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For Black Friday, Amazon has slashed $400 off the Sony A7R V, discounting it from $3899.99 down to $3498, which is its lowest-ever price to date. The deal is still around even as Cyber Monday heads to a close, so you'll need to act fast if you want this camera!

While 10% may not sound like the biggest saving ever, $400 is a really good discount, especially considering the camera is only a year old and it's the latest model in the Alpha R range (the latest models don't tend to be discounted at all). And you can always put that $400 you save towards one of the best zoom lenses or one of the best tripods!

Since reviewing the Sony A7R V earlier in the year, I will tell anyone who will listen about how much I loved it. I took it to Copenhagen and it captured stunning, detailed images (if I do say so myself) with beautiful color and exceptional autofocus and tracking. It was an absolute joy to shoot with and I've been pining for it ever since I had to send it back. I've been lucky enough to review many of Sony's cameras, including the beastly Sony A1, but without question, the A7R V is my favorite.

At we love this camera so much that it comes in second place in our best cameras and best mirrorless cameras buying guides.

Sony A7R V was $3899.99 now $3498 at Amazon. 

Sony A7R V was $3899.99 now $3498 at Amazon

Save $400 on this incredible camera — with a massive 61MP sensor and AI-based autofocus, it takes mirrorless cameras to a whole new level. You don't want to miss this deal.

This camera boasts a massive 61MP back-illuminated sensor, which, at the time of writing is the highest megapixel sensor in a mirrorless camera — a title it shares with its predecessor, the Sony A7R IV, which I've also reviewed. It's also equipped with Sony's new AI-powered autofocus with a 'deep learning' system called Real Time Learning, being capable of recognizing and tracking a number of different objects as well as humans, like cars, trains, planes, animals and insects. This is what sets this camera apart from many other Sony models.

I also loved the fully articulating touchscreen — it's beautifully detailed and also tilts away from the body (like a normal tilt-only screen), and then also fully articulates round so you can also use it for vlogging or selfies. It was great for low-light photography due to its impressive 8 stops of image stabilization, and I was able to get a sharp and clear shot of light trails from cars at 1/3 of a second. It's great for the occasional astro shooter, but as expected, the high megapixel sensor does mean the images are noisy at higher ISOs. 

You don't get any extras with this Sony A7R V Cyber Monday Amazon deal, but the fact that it's such a new camera still makes it a very worthwhile deal.

Key Specs: 61MP back-illuminated sensor, AI-powered autofocus and new processor for up to 8x faster processing speed, ISO range 100 - 32,000 (expanded 50 - 102,400), 10FPS burst rate, up to 8K 25p video recording, Dual UHS-II SD/CFexpress Type A card slots.

Consensus: It builds on the power of its predecessor with a higher resolution EVF and LCD screen, more stops of image stabilization and a new AI autofocus unit, but the massive 61MP sensor likely provides too much noise for astrophotography. But if I had to choose one camera to own, this would be it.

Buy if: You're a professional and want a reliable shooting partner for paid work. Or if you're an enthusiast and want one of the best cameras out there!

Don't buy if: You're a beginner, as it'll likely be overkill, or if you primarily shoot astro or fast action photography.

Alternative models: If you don't need the fanciest AI-powered autofocus, we thought the Sony A7R IV was still a great camera when we reviewed it, and it's come down in price since the release of the A7R V. Or if you're on more of a budget and still want some of the newer tech, we'd recommend the Sony A7C II or the crop sensor Sony A6700

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Kimberley Lane is a landscape & seascape photographer living in South Wales. Originally using photography as a way to cope with health issues, she aims to portray a feeling of calm and peace through her images. Her work has been featured in a number of national photography magazines.