Crush the Decepticons with $30 off this Lego Optimus Prime set

LEGO Optimus Prime 10302 Building Set
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Whether you're a child of the 80s, or were introduced to Transformers through Michael Bay's bombastic blockbusters, there's no mistaking the figure of Optimus Prime. And, thanks to Walmart's Black Friday sale, you can pick up this Lego Optimus Prime Building Set incarnation for $30 off. 

What's particularly impressive about this Lego version of the Autobot leader, now $149.99 at Walmart or $152.99 at the official Lego Store, is that it transforms from robot mode to truck mode. There's no need to take him apart and reassemble him, you can just transform and roll out. The Lego Store price isn't quite as good, but all the VIP deals mean you're better off buying from there if you want to freebies.

This building kit is rated 18+ so, despite the origins of the toys, this isn't suitable for little fingers. But if you're young at heart, you won't regret taking advantage of this bot-tastic Black Friday deal.

Lego Optimus Prime 10302 Building Set: was $179.99$149.99 at Walmart  

Lego Optimus Prime 10302 Building Set: was $179.99, now $149.99 at Walmart  

Save $30: Optimus Prime has to be one of the most iconic robots of all time. And now, for $30 less than the regular RRP, you can have his Lego incarnation standing guard over your bookshelves, in robot or vehicle mode.

Lego Optimus Prime 10302 Building Set: was $179.99$152.99 at the Lego Store  

Lego Optimus Prime 10302 Building Set: was $179.99, now $152.99 at the Lego Store  

Save $27: You're saving slightly less here, but all the Lego Store VIP points and exclusive offers make up for it in our eyes. You get a different free gift set when you spend over $170 or $250 at the Lego Store

Are you ready to snap up a blocky version of Optimus Prime for just $149.99? Then you're in for a surprise, because despite being made out of Lego, there's nothing unconvincingly knobbly about this Lego Optimus Prime Building Kit.

The kit is an almost-perfect Lego copy of Optimus Prime, as he appeared in the Generation 1 80s cartoons. At 1,508 pieces, he'll take you an afternoon or two to build but the results are absolutely stunning. 

Aside from being poseable, wielding his gun, Energon axe or even the Autobots' fable Matrix, he can be transformed from robot to truck and back again. We're not just talking about tearing him apart and reassembling him, either. 

Instead, Lego have gone to the trouble of including all the necessary joints and pivots, letting you transform him with a few (relatively) simple movements. Yes, there's the risk you might yank a leg off and have to put it back on, but that's a small sacrifice for the Autobot cause.

The trade-off is that Lego Optimus Prime is not really for kids or, at the very least, it's not suitable for children to build. This toy is rated 18+ and, at the risk of sounding like Lord Business, it's largely meant to be put on display. 

We're still waiting for Lego to announce Lego Megatron, though given that his G1 version transformed into a literal gun, we probably shouldn't hold our breath. But at $149.99, $30 down from the regular price, this Lego Optimus Prime Building Kit is, like Optimus Prime, hard to beat. 

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