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'Vacation Guide to the Solar System': An Awesome Travel Book in Pictures

High Radiation

Steve Thomas/Random House

Your trip to Jupiter and its Galilean moons may be cut short by an untimely death from radiation poisoning.

Interesting Destinations

Steve Thomas/Random House

Saturn's enormous north pole hexagon makes for an intriguing landmark.

Visiting Uranus

Steve Thomas/Random House

Tourist season on Uranus comes every 42 Earth years, according to "Vacation Guide to the Solar System" — when one pole faces the sun and the other is shrouded in shadow.

Jumping Fun

Steve Thomas/Random House

A popular pastime on Uranus, in the world of the book, is to jump down through the gases of the planet's atmosphere.

Wild Views

Steve Thomas/Random House

Neptune's dramatic cloudscape hosts the fastest winds in the solar system.

Waiting for a Trip

Steve Thomas/Random House

If you plan to visit Pluto, the next time it'll be nearing its closest point to Earth will come in 2237.

Pink Mountains

Steve Thomas/Random House

Be sure to explore Pluto's imposing, pink Al-Idrisi mountains and the planet's extensive glaciers.

Skiing on Pluto

Steve Thomas/Random House

Or go skiing on Pluto; it works best on the dwarf planet's methane snowcaps. A typical jump could launch you 24 feet in the air, but it'll take a while to build up speed. Wherever you go, though, enjoy your journey.

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