Hey Space Fans! Big Discounts on Stellar Gifts

Over at the Space.com store, we have created coupons for Space.com visitors — up to 60% off on some pretty cool gifts for a loved one, coworker or yourself. There are great discounts on everything from skywatching gear to Star Wars memorabilia.

Big Sky Fun for Your Little Astronomer: Orion 76mm Tabletop Telescope

It's dressed a bit like a toy, but this compact Dobsonian telescope hauls in a lot of sky. Super-affordable but superbly cost effective optics get your little ones out there into the deep Universe. The simple rock and spin mount lets them slew to any target. Try it on the Moon (best on a NOT Full Moon night). Take it camping or just into the yard. It can even mount onto any standard tripod for "standing-up" viewing.

You can't beat the price; especially right now at 20% off: Use code SPACE20

Glowing Planets Inspire Giant Dreams…

Your parents had just plain stars on their bedroom ceiling. You can haz planets! Nine of them (yes, Pluto, too), along with 100 flare-point stars (and all the adhesive needed to attach them securely). They all glow with soft celestial fire that will recharge for years when the lights go on. Maybe the best part: You won't be paying for any power, nor adding any carbon to the global climate. Unlike a night-light, the glowing Solar System needs no additional electricity.

Yours now at 45% off: Use code SPACE45

Super-Accurate Moon Globe

This poster was created by our own Karl Tate, infographic artist extraordinaire. The infographic, first conceived for the web, was then made into a 4-foot-tall poster. It's packed with interesting facts about the atmosphere and the ocean, from the tallest mountain to the deepest trench. There's also a gauge in several places to reveal air pressure and water pressure at different heights and depths. This is serious information display meant for endless perusing.

Get it now at 20% off. Use code HOLIDAY20

Launch Your Mind Skyward with Celestron's NexStar 130 SLT Telescope

Sir Isaac Newton would have been wide-eyed over this amazing Newtonian reflecting telescope. Use its onboard computer to hop among more than 4,000 celestial targets. Its ergonomic hand controller clips right onto the mount for hands-free sky driving. This 'scope can take big 2" eyepieces for that lost-in-space (in a good way) experience. Its 5" primary mirror is nicely cast, superbly polished and exquisitely multi-coated for fully color-corrected images.

Grab it now at 15% off: Use code SPACE15

Name That Tune (Or: Ignore That Co-Worker)

Some of the best gifts are those that will annoy the heck out of co-workers or loved ones. This one will do the trick. The Star Trek Mug with Sound Effects Base makes the high-pitched, eerie sound of the transporter on the Enterprise. This gift is for Trekkies only. It's rather annoying. Seriously, don't buy this for just anyone.

Get it now at 15% off. Use code SPACE15

Grab & Go Binoculars for Watching the Sky and Everything Under It

With full multi-coated optics, Porro prisms of high-quality BaK-4 glass, and a handy central-focus wheel, these Levenhuk 8x40 binoculars pipeline the cosmos right to your brain. The wide 9° field of view transports you across gorgeous swaths of starry sky. Compact and rubber-coated, they are also excellent for sports watching, birding and enjoying concerts from the cheap seats!

Already a remarkable value, they can be yours now at 35% off: Use code SPACE35

How We Got There: Half-Century of Spaceships on One Poster

Trace the evolution of the Human species' first rides towards the stars. From brave test pilots atop ballistic missiles through the Ansari XPrize-winning SpaceShipOne, you'll compare vehicle's sizes and specifications. This family tree of human technological innovation comes in two sizes: 12"x44" floats nicely above a desk, or 20"x72" makes an impressive impact.

On your wall at a smart 60% off: Use code SPACE60

Mars! Richly Detailed Red-Planet Globe

Our next-orbit neighbor is a small world with gigantic features; the Solar System's largest volcanoes, longest and deepest canyons, and biggest impact scar. Now you can fly over and around all of it, without those pesky six months of confined-in-a-can travel through doses of high radiation! Humanity's next home? Land of red rock rovers; it could be on your table next week.

Yours now at 10% off: Use code SPACE10

A True Astronomical Telescope at a Toy Store Price!

Frankly, for about the same cost as the piece of "cosmic crap" you'll find at a department store, you can have – or give your loved one – a fine quality instrument. Orion's SkyScanner puts a full 100mm of aperture on your tabletop. Its precisely machined focuser resolves sharp star-points, craggy lunar crates and much more. The elegant "rock and spin" mount easily slews to any target on the sky.

Get 5% off right now: Use code SPACE5

Alien Planet Menagerie Brings Exoplanets Onto Your Wall

Get to know your neighbors! Planets known to orbit other stars now number in the thousands. And it turns out they tumble into distinct types: Hot Neptunes, Mega-Earths, Cthonian Worlds, Rogue Planets and other exotica are gorgeously pictured and cleverly explained on this richly detailed poster. Two sizes: 12"x36" for close-up mounting, or 20"x60" fits perfectly on doors or larger walls.

Hang it up now for an amazing 60% off: Use code SPACE60

Compact Powerful Telescope with Onboard Star-Hopping Computer

Grab this low-mass NexStar 4SE hybrid telescope and get out there among the galaxies. A respectable 102mm aperture gobbles photons. The onboard SkyAlign brain drives to 40,000 objects and keeps them dialed in for long exposure photos with your digital camera. The clever Maksutov-Cassegrain catadioptric design keeps it tiny. Use it in the daytime to scope out animals and far-away sports.

Yours now at 10% off: Use code SPACE10

Stoke Their Creative Fires with littleBits of Tech

Your young maker-engineer needs an especially fun gift? These 10 little modules – light sensor, motors, dimmer, and more – pop together in thousands of creative ways. (And you can't make a mistake.) Go online and find a growing wisdom-base of hundreds of projects. Start with this littleBits Base Kit and add more as their interest catches fire!

Save 20% right now: Use code SPACE20

Trail Map For Space Walkers: Binoculars Is All You Need!

Imagine your eyes are, say, about seven times larger. You could see 20 or 30 times more stars at night! That's what binoculars can do for you. But where can you find the most interesting patches of sky? Astronomer Gary Seronik is here to guide you across a long tour of the best galaxies, clusters, glowing clouds and star-fields for binocular skywatching.

Yours now at 10% off: Use code SPACE10

Skyfall: An Asteroid Fragment You Can Own

It came from outer space and landed in your pocket (or on your table or wall). On February 12, 1947 a small iron-rich asteroid broke apart over the Sikhote-Alin Mountains in southeastern Siberia. The flash and rumble were heard more than 100 miles away. You will possess one of the pieces that made it to the ground; a nodule of mostly iron – with some nickel, cobalt, germanium and iridum. Fragments of the Sikhote-Alin meteorite are relics from the birth of the solar system.

Yours now at 20% off: Use code SPACE20

Any Way You Slice It, a Cool Gift

There are a lot of mysteries in space, and one of them is why the Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Pizza Cutter has been a perennial bestseller in the Space.com store. Perhaps it's just a perfect combo of pepperoni and a chrome-plated, padded gift box. Or maybe it's the contrast between such a far-out technological wonder with the most basic of kitchen utensils. Whatever, resistance to this collectable appears to be futile. And whether you boldly gift this to yourself or it's for a special Trekkie friend or relative, know that the stainless steel blade was actually etched with a laser! We don't know if that is good or bad, but it sounds cool.

Sail Through 100 Celestial Voyages - for Astronomers and Armchair Sky Trippers

Astronomer Sue French is an international treasure. Her best monthly columns from Sky and Telescope magazine have in this book, "Deep Sky Wonders," been richly illustrated with astro-photos, informative charts, historical anecdotes and deeply detailed scientific descriptions. Organized by month and season, these journeys will propel your inner starship (hey, we all have one!), whether you warp-out with a telescope or through just your mind's eye.

Yours now at 10% off: Use code SPACE10

Bam! Boba Fett Brings The Heat To Your Kitchen

On their small galley stove, during long cruises between outlaw worlds, Clone-Papa Jango would school young Boba in the finer Mandalorian culinary arts and sciences.  Years later, no less a grand gastronome than Lord Darth Vader himself was heard to say to Boba, "I taste why they call you the best bouillabaisse stirrer in the galaxy!" May the Sauce be with you, always, with the Star Wars Boba Fett Apron.

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The Best-Worst Thing You'll Eat This Orbit: Astronaut Ice Cream

It's neither icy nor creamy. It's the consistency of a dry sponge. It sticks to your teeth. It's so sweet it'll make you eyes bug out. AND KIDS LOVE IT! Show them just how rough the early astronauts had it up there with a packet or two of Astronaut Ice Cream Neapolitan.

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Giant Binoculars Will Fill Your Brain With Starlight

There's nothing quite like the sensation of falling into the Universe through optically excellent large binoculars. This waterproof, rubber-coated, rugged instrument is really skywatching through two perfectly-aligned refractor telescopes! Put the Orion 20x80 Astronomy Binoculars on your camera tripod – or get a dedicated binocular arm mount – for the most stable views.

Yours now at 15% off: Use code SPACE15

Charge Up Your Child's Imagineering Batteries & Make Some Circuits Soar

Snap this to that, and that thing to the other… and watch your electronic project crackle to life! The Snap Circuits Flying Saucer is not just a whirly flying fan, but a radio, an alarm and more: 5 projects in all. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math? Yeah, we guess so. But really it's just a blast of hands-on creative "maker" activity for you and your young one.

Get it now at 20% off. Use code SPACE20

Light The Stars In Your Kids' Eyes (The Moon Too!)

"Oooooh!" That's the guaranteed reaction from nearly every 2- through 10-year-old when the lights shut off and the ceiling erupts with gentle points of beautiful green-blue luminescence. Charge 4M Glow Moon & Stars up with a flashlight for extra interactive fun! If you had them as a kid, you know this. If you didn't: It's time to treat yourself.

Yours now at 45% off: Use code SPACE45

Bazinga! Get Sheldon Cooper's Big Head

Anyone who watches the Big Bang Theory knows Sheldon Cooper has a big head. It's even bigger in the Bobble Head version. And as you might hope, Sheldon looks either disinterested or disdainful. Special bonus Green Lantern shirt included. On Sheldon. Painted on. We've no clue what you'll do with this tchotchke, but if you're a Sheldon fan, or a Bobble Head collector, seems a no-brainer to put this on your desk at work. Or maybe like Sheldon, you'll value it so much you wouldn't dare open the box.

Lunacy? Create the Illusion of Brilliance

The moon doesn't make its own light. It reflects sunlight. As the moon orbits Earth, from our perspective it appears to be illuminated from different angles. That's what creates moon phases. Those are the things you can say in order to sound brilliant to your child as he or she uses the remote control to cycle the Uncle Milton Moon in My Room through its phases. Be sure to come clean and explain that Moon in My Room does generate its own light, so it's not a totally accurate depiction of what happens with the real moon. The manufacturer recommends this for ages 10 and up, but we know from parental experience that if you want to create the illusion of brilliance, you'll need to execute the above plan way sooner. One of us has a boy who absolutely loved this thing — when he was five. By age 10 he thought he was the brilliant one.

Get it now at 15% off. Use code SPACE15

Back to the Future . . . with a Mobile

Remember mobiles (pronounced ˈmō-ˌbēls for ye of little age)? They were hanging in a lot of '70s houses. Why? Frankly we have no clue. Ask an aging Baby Boomer. But this solar system mobile deserves to hang in any space kid's room. And it's a snap to snap the model together, so you get to do a project with your little ones — something not on computer! — and teach 'em how the planets line up. Actually, the planets rarely line up. They're more scattered about. But in a very well understood manner. At least astronomers understand it. As a bonus, you'll get a poster of the solar system loaded with fun facts, so maybe your kid can tell you where and how the planets move.

Get it now at 35% off. Use code SPACE35

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