Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: Sept. 13, 2014

Early Aurora Photos from Solar Storm Double Whammy

Matthew Moses

Astrophotographer Matthew Moses caught a subtle aurora in Munger, Minnesota, just outside the Duluth area, on Sept. 11, 2014 just as the first of two solar storms was reaching Earth. [More photos.]

Reid Wiseman: Auroras a ‘Welcome Return’

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman (@astro_reid)

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman posted a photo on Twitter of a shimmering green aurora as seen from his post aboard the International Space Station orbiting lab. Wiseman posts photos of life in space under the name: @Astro_Reid. "Beautiful #aurora are coming back. A welcome return indeed!" Wiseman wrote on Twitter. [More photos.]

Aurora and Big Dipper Over Canton, New York

Tyler Baldino

College senior Tyler Baldino sent in this amazing photo of an aurora and the stars of the Big Dipper as seen from Canton, New York, just outside of St. Lawrence University, about 20 miles south of the St. Lawrence River. The image was taken on Sept. 12, 2014, as the first of two solar storms was reaching Earth. [More photos.]

The Marvelous Milky Way: Midnight in the Adirondacks (Photo)

Corey Rondeau

The stars of the Milky Way shimmer in this amazing night sky view from New York's scenic Adirondack Park captured by a photographer after a long hike out to a secluded lake. Astrophotographer Corey Rondeau took this image on Aug. 20, 2014. [Full Story.]

September 2014 Harvest Moon Over Italy

Stefano De Rosa/

Astrophotographer Stefano De Rosa sent in a photo of the supermoon rising over the Basilica of Superga, near Turin, Italy, taken on Sept. 8, 2014. [More photos.]

September 2014 Harvest Moon Over San Diego

Lawrence Knutsson

Astrophotographer Lawrence Knutsson sent in a panoramic image of the supermoon with lightning taken at Torrey Pines, San Diego, California, on Sept. 8, 2014. [More photos.]

September 2014 Harvest Moon Over Atlanta

Joanna King

Joanna King of Atlanta, Georgia, sent in this photo of the supermoon taken Sept. 8, 2014. [More photos.]

Harvest Moon of September 2014 Over New Jersey

Michael La Monaco

Astrophotographer Michael La Monaco sent in an HDR photo of the Harvest Moon taken in central New Jersey on Sept. 8, 2014. [More photos.]

But There's a Full Moon Risin'

Chris Pruzenski/

Astrophotographer Chris Pruzenski sent in a photo of the Harvest Moon, taken in western New York on Sept. 8, 2014. He writes in an email message to "I finally snapped a good full moon photo, and I'm pleased that it happens to be a Harvest Moon and Super Moon all in one package--two birds; one huge celestial stone! It was quite the chase finding this moonrise viewing location with the harvest-themed foreground. I racked up about 80 odometer miles before finding this old silo in Bloomfield, NY … " [More photos.]

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