Fifty Years of Human Spaceflight

Human spaceflight has come a long way over the last 50 years since the launch of cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961 during the Vostok 1 mission. looks at just how far spaceflight has come and what's on the horizon.
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Huge Rocket for NASA's 1st Orion Test Flight Moves to Launch Pad
Delta 4 Rocket Moved to Launch Pad for Orion Flight Test
October 1st, 2014
The Delta 4 Heavy rocket was rolled out to Launch Complex 37 at Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Sept. 30, then lifted to a vertical position Oct. 1 to prepare for the Dec. 4 test flight of NASA's Orion crew capsule.
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Trade You a Dragon? NASA's Private Crew Capsules Now Collectible Cards
NASA's new Commercial Crew Program collectible cards feature Boeing's CST-100 and SpaceX's Crew Dragon capsules.
September 30th, 2014
NASA's draft picks for its private spacecraft team now have their own rookie cards. The agency debuted 'collectible cards' featuring the Boeing and SpaceX capsules it selected to fly astronauts to the International Space Station.
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Moonwalking Astronauts Can Move Surprisingly Fast
The spacesuits worn by Apollo astronauts such as Buzz Aldrin were designed to optimize life support, not mobility. Newly designed suits may allow future moonwalkers to move faster on the lunar surface.
September 27th, 2014
Astronauts may be able to walk on the moon faster than previously thought, a new study reports. These new findings could help scientists design better spacesuits that could aid astronauts' exploration of the moon, Mars or asteroids.
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Neil Armstrong Biopics Take Small Steps Toward TV and Big Screen
The life of the late astronaut Neil Armstrong is the focus of both a feature film and TV miniseries now in development.
September 30th, 2014
The life story of the late Neil Armstrong, the first person to walk on the moon, has taken two small steps toward landing on the big and small screens.
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Space Station's '42' Crew Links Expedition to 'Hitchhiker's Guide'
The official crew poster for the International Space Station's 42nd expedition parodies "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy."
September 26th, 2014
What do astronauts, a towel and a paranoid android have in common? The answer is 42. The International Space Station's Expedition 42 crew has featured the link between their numerical designation and "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" on a poster and
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Waypoint 2 Space Crowdfunding Project to Bring Spacewalks Down to Earth
Waypoint 2 Space Astronaut Training
September 25th, 2014
Waypoint 2 Space, a Houston-based company that trains people for commercial spaceflight, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to build a spacewalk simulator called the Modular EVA Training System (METS).
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Lattes in Space! Espresso Machine Will Launch to Space Station
ISSPresso, the Coffeemaker Bound for the International Space Station
September 30th, 2014
An espresso machine on its way to the International Space Station in 2015 made its public debut at the International Astronomical Congress on Sept. 29. The "ISSPresso" project aims to give astronauts high-quality coffee in orbit.
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Sierra Nevada Protests NASA Commercial Crew Award, Lays Off Staff
Sierra Nevada Corp.'s Dream Chaser space plane undergoes ground taxi tests at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center in 2013. Sierra Nevada is protesting NASA's recent award of commercial space taxi contracts to competitors SpaceX and Boeing.
September 30th, 2014
Two days after laying off about 100 employees who had been working on its Dream Chaser vehicle, Sierra Nevada Corp. on Sept. 26 filed a protest with the U.S. Government Accountability Office of a commercial crew contract it lost earlier in September.
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