Recycling Center Needed On the Moon
Apollo 15 Commander Dave Scott photographed the Lunar Rover at the end of the last EVA.
Credit: NASA
If you could salvage all of the material that human beings have left on the moon, you could open a fairly substantial junkyard.

If all of these craft could be collected in one used spacecraft lot, the sales brochure would look like this.

Science fiction writers have already explored the idea of a used spacecraft lot on the Moon. In his 1941 novel Methuselah's Children, writer Robert Heinlein describes it this way:

...Despite efforts to make the Moon colony ecologically self-sufficient, Luna City still imported vastly more tonnage than she exported. On Earth this would have resulted in "empties coming back"; in space transport it was sometimes cheaper to let empties accumulate, especially on Luna where an empty freighter was worth more as metal than it had cost originally as a ship back Earthside.

They suited up and left the dome by North Tunnel, then strolled along the grounded ships in the long, easy strides of low gravity...
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(Lunar Rovers (3); low mileage, excellent shape, make offer)

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