Save up to £40 on these awesome Artemis-inspired Lego space sets

Lego Rocket Launch Center
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You can bag a bargain and launch some space-themed fun with these two awesome Lego space sets, which are now on sale at Argos. 

You can save 20% on a NASA inspired set which replicates the Space Launch System being used in an upcoming launch (Artemis-1 launches August 29) as well as getting £40 off (nearly 50%) on a Lego Lunar Base. Not only are these awesome looking sets, and relevant to real life events, they're on sale so what's not to like? If you are wanting to look at more great Lego deals though, you can always check out our guide to the best Lego space sets.

Both of these sets are suitable for kids (and anyone in truth) over the age of seven and both come with extra builds outside of the main models. There's plenty of great Lego deals on the market, and not just space sets either, we've got round ups of the best Lego Star Wars sets and Lego Marvel sets, if those are more your thing. 

Lego City Rocket Launch Centre£125now £100 on Argos

Lego City Rocket Launch Centre £125 now £100 on Argos

Save £25 on a Lego set that will capture the imagination of any young Lego enthusiast. You get over 1000 bricks and the completed rocket stands at over 16.5 inches. More than that, you get six astronaut minifigures, service vehicle, planet rover, and a drone with this set too.

Lego City Lunar Research Base £90 now £50 from Argos

Lego City Lunar Research Base £90 now £50 from Argos.  

Save £40 on an awesome looking Lego set that gives you plenty of value for money. Six astronaut figures to accompany the accommodation quarters, a botany lab and a science lab, air lock and docking tunnel modules you need to build. On top of that, a Lunar Research Base, a LEGO lunar lander, skycrane drone, VIPER rover and a moon buggy are included.

While you wont need one of the best telescopes on the market to see these Lego sets, they are very much relevant to NASA's upcoming launch, Artemis-1. That doesn't take away from the impressiveness of these sets either, which give you plenty for your money, especially now they're on sale. 

Saving 20% on the NASA inspired launch set is a pretty good deal for a number of reasons. Firstly, you get over 1000 pieces which means you get plenty of build time and it's sure to capture the imagination of any young Lego enthusiast as it stands at over 16.5 inches tall. Additionally, a service vehicle, planet rover, drone and six astronaut minifigures are included. 

£40 off the Lunar Research Base is no less impressive either, it comes with loads of different cool parts to build, including accommodation quarters, a botany lab and a science lab, air lock and docking tunnel modules. For your money you also get six astronaut minifigures, so there's plenty to play with. Extra features include Lunar Research Base, a LEGO lunar lander, skycrane drone, VIPER rover and a moon buggy.

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