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Light up the night with Uncle Milton's 'Moon in My Room' for 40% off this Prime Day

Super Moon In My Room by Uncle Milton is a wall-mounted moon lamp that can sync up with the real phases of the moon. It is 30-percent larger that Uncle Milton's earlier Moon In My Room and plays Neil Armstrong's historic words from the Apollo 11 moon landing.
(Image credit: Uncle Milton)

The moon (opens in new tab) is a perfect object to light your way, and that also goes for this lunar-themed nightlight from Uncle Milton. The "Moon in My Room" is available until the end of the day today (June 22) at Amazon for 40% off (opens in new tab), so be sure to snap it up quickly.

The remote-controlled night light, just $17.99 at Amazon (down from the usual price of $29.99), allows your child to learn about moon phases (opens in new tab) and also about the lunar surface. Helping them on that journey will be an educational poster packed with learning activities and fun facts.

If you're using this moon as a night light, you'll also appreciate the remote control that lets you change the phases or the brightness from a distance. United States versions of the product include an audio-guided tour to enhance the experience.

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Uncle Milton Moon In My Room
$29.99 $17.99 at Amazon (save $12) (opens in new tab)
Save 40% off this lunar-themed soft-light lamp for Prime Day. You can click through the phases with a remote control and use an included poster to get more information about the surface.
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The entire globe is only about a pound (2.2 kilograms) and includes hanging holes, making it easy to place on the wall. An included timer makes sure that the battery doesn't run down while anyone is sleeping, allowing you to maximize your night light for waking hours.

Uncle Milton also sells a "Super Moon in My Room (opens in new tab)," a larger version of the original "Moon in My Room." But that one isn't on sale for Prime Day; it's currently $44.99 at Amazon.

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Super Moon in My Room | $44.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
At just about 15 inches (38.1 cm) across, Uncle Milton's Super Moon in My Room is about 30% larger than the original "Moon In My Room." And it syncs up to the phase of the real-life moon via a built-in lunar clock.

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