Five Epic 'Star Wars' Lego Anniversary Sets to Celebrate May The Fourth

Lego and "Star Wars" have been tight buddies for the past 20 years, partnering up not only on merchandise, but also movies and video games. Five newly released sets will bring extra fun to fans who are already waiting for the next film, "The Rise of Skywalker," to release late this year.

Just in time for May the Fourth, Lego has released more details about some of the sets that were announced in February at the New York Toy Fair. Here's a closer look at what adventures are in store for buyers of these sets.

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Slave I

(Image credit: Lego)

$119.99, 1007 pieces, Age 10+

Build bounty hunter Boba Fett's epic Slave I starship to go on some adventures throughout the universe, looking for any fugitives who are in debt. The completed set includes a handle to assist him with flying into space. It includes triggers to send off spring-loaded shooters, and in a nod to "The Empire Strikes Back" (1980), a figurine showing Han Solo trapped in carbonite. Princess Leia is also included with this set, but as a 20th anniversary figurine.

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Anakin's Podracer

(Image credit: Lego)

$29.99, 279 pieces, age 7+

Strap in and participate in Anakin Skywalker's favorite activity as a young lad: podracing! You can put our hero into the cockpit, making sure to lower his goggles to protect himself from dust and debris during the race. Grab the play handle, get set for the race, and then take off through the furniture of your living room (which is a great stand-in for the canyons of Tatooine.) Also included is Anakin's son, Luke, as a 20th anniversary figurine.

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(Image credit: Lego)

$39.99, 309 pieces, age 7+

When Echo Base is under attack, this snowspeeder needs to come to the rescue. Use Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter to win the Battle of Hoth. How to help them? We suggest those spring-loaded shooters. Or maybe you'd prefer the rear stud shooter and harpoon, with string. Of if those options don't please you, how about using the gun tower stud shooter? Use every backup option you've got, because we're depending on you – you're our only hope! Lando Calrissian makes a special appearance as a 20th anniversary figurine.

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Clone Scout Walker

(Image credit: Lego)

$29.99, 250 pieces, age 6+

Here you can recreate the epic Clone War battle that the prequel "Star Wars" series (1999-2005) was so famous for. Check out the number of participating entities! There's an AT-RT walker (which you should use with a Kashyyyk Trooper in the seat) – as well as a Dwarf Spider, a Wookie with trench, and a 20th anniversary figurine of Darth Vader himself. 

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Imperial Dropship

(Image credit: Lego)

$19.99, 125 pieces, age 6+

This sets the stage for an exciting battle with the Empire and the Rebels. This imperial dropship allows three stormtroopers to sit on the platform and even store their stud blasters in a handy spot. The Shadow Trooper can steer the whole thing in the cockpit. Then watch out for these formidable warriors on the battlefield. Also included is a 20th anniversary figurine of Han Solo.

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