Lego Is Bringing the Tantive IV from 'Star Wars' to Earth This May the Fourth!

Remember that little ship that's speeding away from the Imperial Star Destroyer in the first moments of the first-ever "Star Wars" film, "A New Hope"? Now you can own that ship for yourself. Lego has a Tantive IV available for assembly, and no detail is left to chance.

In a news release, Lego representatives said the massive 1,768-piece set "faithfully recreates all of the Rebel cruiser's signature details, including an elongated hull, detachable escape pods, elevating gun turrets, cargo hold and 11 massive engines at the back."

If you take the plating off the hull, inside you'll see a two-minifigure cockpit, a weapon rack, a conference room (including a table) and a two-seat control console. Luckily, despite the number of pieces in this set, it is movable; there's a radar dish included with the Tantive that can be used as a carry handle, allowing the ship to "fly" around your living room.

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Coming with the set are five "Star Wars" minifigures, including some of the iconic stars of "A New Hope." You'll see Princess Leia, C-3PO, R2-D2, a Rebel fleet trooper and Bail Organa. You'll also get some weapons, including a blaster pistol and three blasters, as well as electrobinoculars to help your heroes see far into the distance.

The completed starship measures 5 by 7 by 24 inches (or 14 by 19 by 62 centimeters) and is available from Lego stores or online starting on May 4. That's a popular date for "Star Wars" fans, who twist a well-known saying from the film franchise into: "May the Fourth be with you." (If you're a super-fan enrolled in the VIP program, Lego says you can get your hands on the set a day early.)

Tantive IV retails for $199.99 in the United States, with different pricing for different countries, and it's rated for ages 12 and up. 

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