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Lego's International Space Station set is 16% off at Amazon for Cyber Monday

Lego International Space Station ISS
Lego's ISS is in high demand. (Image credit: Lego)

Editor's note: This deal is now over. Check out more of our space gift deals and our guide for space Lego deals and gift ideas (opens in new tab). Alternatively, we've dropped some other great Lego deals just below.

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Lego City Space Lunar Space Station: $59.99 $48.00 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This 412-piece set's frustration-free packaging version is 20% off at Amazon (opens in new tab), while supplies last. Just like NASA hopes to do, you can build a lunar space station with three separate modules and a detachable shuttle toy. Also included are 2 LEGO City astronaut minifigures, 2 space station crew member minifigures, a robot (because why not), a satellite and a central airlock.

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Lego Creator 3-in-1 Space Rover Explorer: $39.99 $32 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

While this cute space set is out of stock, you can still grab a 20% off deal at Amazon (opens in new tab) for shipment in mid-December. The 510-piece set allows you to build a space rover explorer, a space base or a space flyer — and also to get to know the adorable alien included with the set.

In what may just be a Cyber Monday miracle, Lego's International Space Station is on sale at Amazon (opens in new tab). Lego's model of the space station, which was released in February, is currently sold out on, but now the highly sought-after building kit can be yours. Act fast and you can get a space station Lego set of your own for $58.99, just over $10 less than the usual price. 

With 864 pieces, you can build and display an impressively realistic space station  (this was a Lego Ideas set originally) as well as two cargo spacecraft and a miniature space shuttle. The set also includes two astronaut microfigures. 

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Lego International...

EXPIRED DEAL: Lego ISS: $69.99 $58.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

This deal has now expired and is now only available from third-party sellers at a premium. Check out some other Lego space gift ideas (opens in new tab) instead.

The Lego International Space Station is a model beautiful enough to stand in as a centerpiece in any space lovers home. But it's not just for looks. Lego was sure to include impressive details like a posable Canadarm2, just like the real-life station's mechanical arm. It also made sure the space station's "solar panels" rotate so you can change the angle and that the kit included cargo spacecrafts, which astronauts aboard the real station depend on. 

The set even includes a 148-page booklet with facts about the International Space Station and information about the Lego fan who created this set for Lego Ideas. When you're all done building and playing, you can set the station up on a display stand for all to admire. 

Be sure to check out more of's Cyber Monday deals, including one on a Lego D-O Droid! 

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EXPIRED DEAL: Lego ISS: $69.99 $58.99 at Amazon (opens in new tab)

Check out some other Lego space gift ideas (opens in new tab) instead.

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