Fly to infinity and beyond to save 40% on Buzz Lightyear's Lego XL-15 Spaceship for Black Friday

Lego XL-15 Spaceship Black Friday deal: Image shows the Lego XL-15 Spaceship set with a Black Friday rosette.
You can get 40% off this fun Disney set, complete with four character figures and weapons. (Image credit: Future)

If you have a Buzz Lightyear fan at home, this Lego deal for Black Friday just might send them to infinity (and maybe beyond).

You can save up to 40% on the XL-15 Spaceship from, but note that the product is backordered, so it won't ship for 60 days. If this is a Christmas gift, fear not - you can still get it quicker for 38% off at Amazon

The Lego XL-15 Spaceship is a Disney/Pixar set that includes all the pieces you need to build Buzz Lightyear's spaceship, as well as four minifigures (the Space Team and their robot cat Sox) and two weapons (a rocket launcher and a harpoon gun). In our review of the Lego XL-15 Spaceship, we loved the set's sleek look, display stand and its faithfulness to the film (plus Sox, the cat!).

We featured it in our best Lego space sets guide and rated it 4.5 stars - even at full price, it's great value for money! It's suitable for children 8 years and older, so it's a great gift for the space fans in your family.

This Lego set has never been cheaper at Amazon, so we'd recommend jumping on this hot deal if you were looking to buy it as a gift. That said, it's worth mentioning that the discount is slightly better on the Lego website, and buying it from there means you can collect loyalty points if you join the free Lego Insiders rewards program. So if you're not in a rush to receive it and don't mind the 60+ days wait time, head to Lego direct to get the set for under $30

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Lego XL-15 Spaceship was $49.99 now $29.99  on Lego's website or $30.79 at Amazon.

You can save between 38 and 40% on this 497-piece Lego set of the XL-15 Spaceship. Suitable for ages 8+, Buzz Lightyear's spaceship comes with 4 action figurines and 2 weapons, a rocket launcher and a harpoon gun. 

This set is available for 40% off on the Lego website but is backordered, so you won't get it this side of Christmas. If you want to gift it this year, it's also available for 38% off at Amazon.

When we reviewed the Lego XL-15 Spaceship, we were really impressed by the value you can get from this set, even at full price. Once the 497-piece build is done, you get a solidly-constructed spaceship that you can display on the stand included, or play with. 

It comes with three character minifigs and their helmets (Darby Steel, Mo Morrison, and Buzz Lightyear), their robot cat named Sox, two weapons, a laptop and a fuel cell. It's even built with a cockpit that opens up so Buzz Lightyear can ride his spaceship. 

Key Specs: 497 pieces, 4 minifigs, 2 weapons. Suitable for ages 8+. 

Consensus: This fun Lego set comes with character figures and is easy to play with once the build is done. At around $30, we think it's a great gift for the Lego lovers around you!

Buy if: You're looking for a gift that a child will have fun playing with for hours after they've built it.

Don't buy if: You're shopping for an adult or kid younger than 8-years old.

Alternative models:
Our best Lego space sets guide is full of other amazing sets for all ages and abilities. If you're after a gift for teens or adults then the Lego NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set is a complex, intricate build.  

If you want a bigger set for kids younger than ten, this Lego Lunar Research Base is a great buy, as they'll be able to play with it once it's built, too.

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