Catch hot new sci-fi with 40% on HBO Max Annual TV Subscriptions

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HBO has given so many great shows and they show no sign of stopping. So why not snap up an HBO Max Annual Subscription at a massive 40% off? It doesn't matter what genre you're a fan of, or whether you can quote every single line from the Sopranos, there'll be plenty here to your taste. 

The streaming service is supported on multiple devices, consoles included, and you can watch shows either at the same time they hit cable/TV or, in some cases, even earlier. Want to watch the fantastic Raised by Wolves? It's on HBO Max and the next season of Avenue 5 just arrived. 

You can even dive into over 2,000 movies and over 500 shows. Waiting for the next installment of Doom Patrol? Why not binge the entire series of mind-bending sci-fi series Fringe while you wait? 

HBO Max Annual Subscription: $149.99 $104.99 at HBO

HBO Max Annual Subscription: $149.99 $104.99 at HBO

Want to watch HBO shows such as House of the Dragon or the upcoming The Last of Us? Or maybe you'd prefer to binge-watch their back-catalogue? Then grab an HBO Max Annual Subscription for 40% off. 

HBO Max is one of the most prolific producers of TV and at 40% off, an annual subscription is absolutely worth it. Even better, it's not just a new customers only deal, returning customers are eligible to snap up this bargain.

There are essentially two options - an ad-free subscription at $109.99 or an ad-supported subscription at $69.99 (plus applicable taxes). Aside from one tier having adverts, the ad-free option also lets you download movies and shows to watch on the go. It also gives you 4K UHD programming, though both happily support HD. 

Whichever tier you choose, you're in for a treat. Avenue 5 is a great show and HBO will be forever known for the Sopranos, but there's so, so much else on offer. 

Want to watch the surreal space opera Raised by Wolves? You'll find it on HBO Max. Remember Babylon 5, J. Michael Straczynski's CGI-heavy space-opera? All five seasons have been remastered and are on Max.

Or maybe you want to keep the children occupied? There are a huge number of children's shows, animated and otherwise including Steven Universe, the award-winning series about magical beings who are the self-appointed guardians of the universe.

Yes, we'd have preferred that Warner Bros. Discovery hadn't cancelled Batgirl, and had left some of its other shows alone, but there's still so, so much to explore here. $69.99 or $109.99 for all that premium TV is an absolute steal.

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