Save 30% on 'Clue: Star Wars' edition on Amazon

Hasbro's "Clue: Star Wars" edition.
Hasbro's "Clue: Star Wars" edition. (Image credit: Amazon)

The clues will be with you, always. Amazon is currently offering a galactic 30% off the "Star Wars" edition of the classic whodunit game "Clue." That works out to a savings of $14.

The classic game is transported to the "Star Wars" universe, where players find themselves on the Death Star and must figure out which planet Darth Vader plans to destroy next. Players can play as their favorite heroes from the franchise, including Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Han Solo, Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C3PO.

The holidays may be over, but with 30% off this game, now could be the perfect time to add to your board game collection. If this game isn't quite what you're after but you are a "Star Wars" fan, be sure to check out our best "Star Wars" gifts and deals, Lego "Star Wars" deals, best Lego "Star Wars" sets and our best "Star Wars" books pages for more cool content.

Hasbro Clue Game: Star Wars Edition$45.99 now $31.99 from Amazon.

Hasbro Clue Game: Star Wars Edition was $45.99 now $31.99 from Amazon.

Save $14.00 when you get the Hasbro "Clue" game: "Star Wars" edition on Amazon. Play as your favorite rebel heroes and discover which planet Darth Vader will destroy next, what room the Death Star plans are in and which escape vehicle is the right one to win the game. This is no doubt a fun edition to any "Star Wars" fan's games night. 

This is a fun "Star Wars" twist on the classic game where the objective is to find out what planet Darth Vader intends to destroy next, which room the Death Star plans are hidden in and which escape vehicle is the correct one. For sure, this would be make a cool addition to any "Star Wars" fan's games night.

The game includes the six rebel heroes as well as a multilevel gameboard, mission notepad, die, six vehicle tokens, six planet tokens, a mission folder, 21 clue cards, 19 corridor cards and a game guide. 

We're not sure how long this deal will last, so we recommend making the most of the saving while it's active. 30% off this fun twist on a Hasbro classic is a great deal in our view, and the fact that it's "Star Wars" makes it even better. 

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