Build your own solar-powered robots with these Ciro STEM robotics kit deals for Prime Day

This robotic toy kit from Ciro allows builders to create 12 different types of robots.
This robotic toy kit from Ciro allows builders to create 12 different types of robots. (Image credit: Ciro)

Looking to build your own Mars rover? Or perhaps explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) the fun way?

This Prime Day, Ciro has two different kid-friendly, solar-powered robot sets on sale for 20% off. 

The first of these sets is the Ciro 12-in-1 solar-powered robot kit is a robot-building STEM kit with 190 pieces that allow you to create up to 12 different types of robots. These pieces include gears, tires, connecting pieces and so much more to allow kids 7-12 to create robots using STEM skills and their imaginations. 

At $21.59, it's on sale for 26% off its normal $26.99 price, saving you $7.

Ciro 12-in-1 solar-powered robot kit: $26.99

Ciro 12-in-1 solar-powered robot kit: $26.99 $21.59 at Amazon, Save over $7: Build up to 12 different types of solar-powered robots with this kit!

After building your robot, the solar panel on top of the robot's head will allow it to collect energy directly from the sun. With solar power, the robot you build could crawl, roll or even float! Ciro recommends that kids and parents work together to learn how to build robots with this kit. 

Also from Ciro is this 4-in-1 Ciro Space Robot building set, which kids ages 8-12 can use to build 4 different robots: a walking robot, a space shuttle, a moon buggy and a space station. It's 20% off at $18.39 and at its lowest price in the last 30 days.

Ciro 4-in-1 space robot kit: $22.99

Ciro 4-in-1 space robot kit: $22.99 $18.39 at Amazon, Save over $4: Build a walking robot, space shuttle, moon buggy or space station with this kit! 

This kit is both solar and battery-powered as the kit comes with a solar panel and a micro-rechargeable battery so that kids can use the power of the sun to charge up the batteries for the robots. 

The bots can be used both indoors and outdoors, allowing kids to take the robotic fun outdoors this summer. 

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