'Star Wars' and 'Star Trek': 2018 Toys, Collectibles and Apparel Preview

NEW YORK — Your favorite space-themed TV and movie franchises — "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" — have some awesome new toys, collectibles and apparel coming out this year, and we got a sneak peek at Toy Fair 2018. From cuddly wookies and 3D "Star Trek" chess sets to a walking, talking robotic Stormtrooper, these are the toys that "Star Wars" and "Star Trek" fans will be clamoring for this year.

A Cuddly Chewbacca

FurReal Friends' Chewie ultimate co-pilot roars and interacts when touched. (Image credit: Hasbro)

Han Solo's best pal, Chewbacca, is getting some love from toymakers this year, likely in anticipation of the newest installment of the "Star Wars" saga, "Solo: A Star Wars Story," coming out in May. At Toy Fair, Hasbro announced a 16-inch (40 centimeter) tall version of Chewie that will come out this fall for $129.99. FurReal Friends, the company behind electronic pets that respond to touch and interaction, has been developing Chewbacca for more than a year — and the work paid off. This cuddly version of our favorite wookie roars when he's petted, and can detect movement and sounds. You can even put Chewie to sleep by rocking him in your arms. [The Best Space Gifts in the Universe]

Chewie on an AT-ST

Pop! By Funko's new Chewbacca figurine has the character riding a tiny AT-ST. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/Space.com)

The Chewbacca toys don't stop with FurReal's version. Pop! By Funko also has a new Chewie coming out in March. Their new "Star Wars" figurine has a super-adorable little Chewie riding on top of an AT-ST, just like he did in "Return Of The Jedi."

A Robotic Stormtrooper

UbTech's "Star Wars" First Order Stormtrooper moves around controlled by a mobile app. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/Space.com)

UBTech's "Star Wars" First Order Stormtrooper was disappointing for some (such as our sister site Tom's Guide)when it came out in December, but if you're looking for a "Star Wars" showpiece, then this toy could work for you. The Stormtrooper is an 11-inch, app-controlled automaton that walks around the room and uses facial recognition to identify you. Microphones and speakers in the toy allow it to talk and recognize commands, and a sensor keeps it from walking off a table. Get this 'bot from UBTech for $299.

A Buildable Millennium Falcon

Incredi Build's "Star Wars" line will soon feature a large, buildable wooden Millennium Falcon. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/Space.com)

If wooden models are your thing, you'll fall head over heels for Incredi Builds. The company has a "Star Wars" line that currently includes R2-D2, BB-8, an AT-ACT, a Death Star, an A-Wing, an X-Wing, a TIE Fighter, and a small version of the Millennium Falcon. Later this year, Incredi Builds will be releasing a larger version of the Millennium Falcon, so look out for that.

"Star Trek" Collectibles

Quantum Mechanix has added 1:6 scale models of "Star Trek" characters Data and Hikaru Sulu to their collectible lineup. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/Space.com)

"Star Trek" collectors will have a field day with new figures coming out from Quantum Mechanix (QMx) later this year. A 1:6 scale figure of Data from "The Next Generation" and a 1:6 scale figure of Lt. Hikaru Sulu from "The Original Series" will join the company's existing line of "Star Trek" collectibles, which range from $149 to $179.

"Star Trek" Badges

Quantum Mechanix is releasing three new "Star Trek" collectible badges in 2018. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/Space.com)

QMx is also coming out with new "Star Trek" magnetic badges in 2018, including a Black badge coming out in April, Discovery cadet badges out in mid-April and a Klingon emblem badge coming in May. All badges will cost $14.95.

A "Star Trek" Doodle Pen

3Doodler's "Star Trek" kit will let fans build 3D models of Trek staples. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/Space.com)

Artistic Trekkies can make the show come to life with 3Doodler's "Star Trek" kit. The pen uses strands of colored plastic to allow drawers to make 3D creations, with the help of stencils if you need them. The "Star Trek" kit comes with stencils to make 15 projects, including the Starship Enterprise and Klingon prosthetics. The 3Doodler's "Star Trek" kit is already available: Get it at Think Geek for $18.99, or get the set with the pen for $64.99.

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