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Space Gifts 2020: The best gifts in the universe

The Force is strong will all the Baby Yoda gifts available this year.
The Force is strong will all the Baby Yoda gifts available this year. (Image credit: Joseph Enterprise)

With holiday shopping season getting started, it's about time to start thinking about the space lovers in your life. As always, the staff has been keeping a lookout for the best space and science toys, gadgets, and games. Our gift guide includes a 60th anniversary NASA Etch A Sketch, an adorable Playmobil Delorean, and a detailed model U.S.S. Enterprise for Star Trek fans. 

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NASA Etch A Sketch

(Image credit: Spin Master/NASA)

This year marked 60 years of Etch A Sketch. To celebrate, the classic toy company partnered with NASA to create a space agency-inspired version of their popular toy. This Etch-a-Sketch is framed with a galactic background and adorned with moon-shaped knobs. 

The space theme is the only new thing about this Etch A Sketch — the original magic of the aluminum-powder-powered drawing machine remains the same as ever.

Baby Yoda Funko Pop!

(Image credit: Funko)

Baby Yoda continues to be a hit, as Funko learned when the company released their wildly-popular Baby Yoda Pop! figure earlier this year. Now, the Star Wars fan in your life can have one of their very own. 

Funko now has a few different versions of Baby Yoda. This one wears the Mythosaur emblem as a necklace, which The Child started wearing in The Mandalorian after Kuill dies. This figure stands three inches tall. Another version is The Child holding a cup, and the original version of The Child (which sold out almost immediately). 

Star Wars: Escape from Death Star

(Image credit: Hasbro)

Old-school Star Wars fans will love this retro Escape From Death Star game, including a retro collection Grand Moff Tarkin action figure. Based on the original board game released in 1977, players play as their favorite Star Wars characters like Luke, Leia, Han Solo, and Chewbacca. Each player chooses their color and then races around the Death Star, trying to escape. 

Bandai AT-AT Walker Kit

(Image credit: Bandai)

With this model at-at, the Star Wars fan in your life will be one step toward recreating the attack at the battle of Hoth. Bandai model kits have all the pieces you need to recreate this iconic scene. 

This kit comes with the parts to make an at-at (all terrain armored transport), the four-legged combat walker used by the ground forces of the Galactic Empire. The ultra-realistic models have details like pipes and barrels on each gun turret underneath the armor's cockpit and movable joints on the legs. It even comes with a display stand build to look like Hoth. 

Hero Collector U.S.S. Enterprise

(Image credit: Eaglemoss Hero Collector)

Build your own Star Trek spacecraft with Hero Collector's realistic models. We like the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-J, which was featured in the thrilling episode Azati Prime. This ship is a 26th Federation, Universe Class starship. It originates from 400 years in the future and is revealed when Captain Archer finds himself onboard. 

This model is die-cast and hand-painted with intricate details and comes on it's own display stand. Check out other models from Hero Collectors, too. 

Playmobil "Back to the Future" Delorean

(Image credit: Playmobil)

A classic in science-fiction, Back To The Future celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. In celebration, Playmobil created an adorable version of the Delorean, Doc, Marty, and even Einstein (Doc's dog). Complete with working lights and of course the flux capacitor, the Delorean is ready to fly as soon as Doc gets there with the plutonium cores. 

Little science-fiction lovers will have a grand time recreating Doc and Marty's adventures with this cute play set. 

Lego Razor Crest

(Image credit: Lego)

Almost on equal footing with Baby Yoda is the Razor Crest from The Mandalorian. This Lego version of the impressive ship includes four minifigures: The Mandalorian, Greef Karga, Scout Trooper and The Child (a tiny, adorable Baby Yoda!). The ship itself has a dual Lego minifigure cockpit, two spring-loaded shooters, cargo hold with opening sides and access ramps. Inside there are carbonite bounty elements, a sleeping area, and a detachable escape pod. 

The 1,023-piece set offers a challenging build, recommended for ages 10 and up. 

Lego Baby Yoda

(Image credit: Lego)

No space gift guide would be complete this year without this Lego Baby Yoda. This cutie has adjustable ears and a movable mouth, so you can set different expressions on the complete build. It also comes with a gearshift knob, The Child's favorite toy, which can be placed in its hand. The 1,073-piece build is recommended for ages 10 and up and measure 7.5 inches tall. 

Baby Yoda Chia Pet

(Image credit: Joseph Enterprise)

Even plant-lovers can get in on the Baby Yoda craze this holiday season. Chia Pets are making a comeback, and this Baby Yoda-shaped plant holder is the perfect gift. Simply put the chia seed packet into the planter, water, and see full growth within 1-2 weeks. Once your chia seeds sprout, you'll see The Child surrounded by lush, green plants inside its pod. No plant was ever cuter. 

Professor Maxwell's VR Universe

Professor Maxwell's VR Universe

(Image credit: Abacus)

Professor Maxwell's VR Universe is by far one of the coolest toys you can get for a space-obsessed kid this year. The VR goggles let kids feel like they're immersed in the universe, exploring our galaxy and beyond. 

Lego City Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control

Lego City Space Rocket and Launch Control

(Image credit: Lego)

Get ready for launch with this Lego City kit. It includes the pieces to build a rocket standing over 16 inches tall, a launch control tower, and a monorail used to transport astronauts from the control tower to the training ground and rocket. Six minifigures come with the set: two astronauts, two scientists, a launch director, ground crew technician, and a robot. 

Discovery Kids Planetarium Projector

For the galaxy-obsessed kids on your shopping list, you can never go wrong with a planetarium projector. This Discovery projector comes with two projection modes: stationary and moving. The moving side has two layered translucent domes that rotate slowly, projecting moving stars onto any surface. 

The projector comes with four reel discs, with a total of 32 photo slides. Turn it on, and kids will be immersed in stars, galaxies, nebulae, and more. 

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