'Supermoon' Photos: The Closest Full Moon Until 2034 in Pictures

Orange 'Supermoon' Rises over Massachusetts

John Gravell / JayGrave Photography

Astrophotographer John Gravell captured this shot of the supermoon rising in Everett, Massachusetts on Sunday night (Nov. 13). Gravell told Space.com, "It was one of the most spectacular and beautiful Super Moon rises that I have ever photographed!"

Supermoon Rises Over Syr Darya River, Kaszakhstan

NASA/Bill Ingalls

The nearly full supermoon Beaver Moon rises over the Syr Darya river near the Baikonur Cosmodrome spaceport in Kazakhstan on Nov. 13, 2016 in this view by NASA photographer Bill Ingalls.

Supermoon Over Washington DC

NASA/Joel Kowsky

A nearly full supermoon full moon rises over Washington D.C. in this photo by NASA photographer Joel Kowsky captured on Nov. 13, 2016. On Nov. 14, the moon is at its closest to Earth until 2034.

'Supermoon' Illuminates a Bridge

Mike Shaw Photography

Photographer Mike Shaw captured the supermoon's rise behind the St. Croix River Crossing bridge between Minnesota and Wisconsin on Sunday evening (Nov. 13). "Since the bridge was brand new, this would be the first Supermoon ever imaged in such a fashion," Shaw told Space.com. He used two apps called PhotoPills and Theodolite to plan the supermoon shot

MLK and the 'Supermoon'

NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

The moon, or supermoon, is seen as it sets over the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial on Monday (Nov. 14) in Washington.

Soyuz and the 'Supermoon'

NASA / Bill Ingalls

November's supermoon is seen rising behind the Soyuz rocket at the Baikonur Cosmodrome launch pad in Kazakhstan, Monday (Nov. 14).

Rising 'Supermoon' Peeks from Behind the Trees

Steve Scanlon

Steve Scanlon shot this photo of the supermoon from the Oceanic Bridge looking across Hartshorne Woods Park in Highlands New Jersey on Sunday (Noc. 13) at 4:43 p.m. EST. Scanlon used a Nikon D5500 and a Sigma 50-500 mm lens to take the photo.

Stumbled Upon the 'Supermoon'

Tyler S Leavitt

Astrophotographer Tyler Leavitt watched the supermoon rise between the trees from a mountain near Las Vegas. "I was driving down a mountain road near Las Vegas (Mt. Charleston), when in between the trees, this stunning huge moon appeared," Leavitt told Space.com. "It was just lucky timing for me, as I hadn't planned to shoot the moon this night." The photo was taken on Sunday night (Nov. 13) as the setting sun painted the sky a beautiful bluish purple.

'Supermoon' Behind the Statue of Freedom

NASA/Joel Kowsky

The Statue of Freedom atop the U.S. Capitol Dome is seen in silouette infront of the supermoon on Monday (Nov. 14) in Washington.

Supermoon rising at sunset

Jennifer Rose Lane

Photographer Jennifer Rose Lane captured the supermoon rising during sunset from a mountaintop in Logan County, West Virginia on Sunday evening (Nov. 13).

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