Best Space Photos of the Week — March 29, 2015

Illustration of Galaxy IRAS F11119+3257
This artist's illustration of the galaxy IRAS F11119+3257 shows a wide view of how winds drive a massive outflow of gas (shown in red) from the galaxy. (Image credit: ESA/ATG medialab)

Astronomy's Oldest Known 'Nova' a Cosmic Case of Mistaken Identity

Tomasz Kaminski

In a case of mistaken identity, a group of scientists say the first nova ever identified in the night sky is actually the result of two colliding stars, not a single exploding star [Read the Full Story]

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Black Hole Winds Quench Star Formation in Entire Galaxies

ESA/ATG medialab

Intense winds from black holes can blast gas straight out of galaxies and may give black holes a role in star formation. [Read the Full Story]

NASA's Opportunity Rover Wins 1st Marathon on Mars


NASA's Opportunity rover has completed the first-ever Mars marathon, clocking in with a winning time of 11 years and two months. [Read the Full Story]

For Asteroid-Capture Mission, NASA Picks 'Option B' for Boulder


NASA's bold asteroid-capture mission will pluck a boulder off a big space rock rather than grab an entire near-Earth object, agency officials announced today (March 25). [Read the Full Story]

First (Contraband) Corned Beef Sandwich in Space 50 Years Ago

Raymond K. Cunningham, Jr. via

Just about two hours into the flight of Gemini 3, NASA's first two-man space mission 50 years ago Monday (March 23), pilot John Young reached into his spacesuit's pocket and pulled out a surprise: the world’s first corned beef sandwich in space. [Read the Full Story]

SpaceX's Next Dragon Spaceship, Rocket-Landing Site Sign Star in Photos

SpaceX (via Flickr as SpaceX Photos)

SpaceX has offered up a tantalizing glimpse of its first rocket-landing site on dry land, as well as several looks at its next Dragon cargo spacecraft. [Read the Full Story]

Meet the Leading Space Rock Target for NASA's Asteroid-Capture Mission

Courtesy Caltech, Arecibo Observatory, and NASA/JPL

The big asteroid 2008 EV5 may end up giving a piece of itself in the name of science and exploration. [Read the Full Story]

New Evidence May Identify Mystery Object at Milky Way Galaxy's Core

ESO/A. Eckart

New images from ESO show that G2 is still intact. Does that mean it’s definitely a gas cloud and not a star? [Read the Full Story]

US Air Force Launches Advanced GPS Satellite into Orbit


The United States Air Force has launched a new, advanced satellite to help upgrade the nation's Global Positioning System (GPS) constellation. [Read the Full Story]

Glowing Cloud of Rocket Fuel Captured in Night Sky Photo

A mysterious cloud that glowed in the night sky above the Atlantic Ocean on the night of March 12 was actually a spray of unused rocket fuel, released following a launch from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida. [Read the Full Story]

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