Spectacular Night Sky Photos by Stargazers (July 2014)

Night Sky of Oregon

Laura Bentz

The night sky is an wondrous and ever-changing sight to behold. Don't miss these amazing views of the night sky captured by stargazers and amateur astronomers and sent in to Space.com in July 2014. Featured here: Astrophotographer Laura Bentz took this photo on June 28, 2014 in the Alvord Desert/Steens Mountains area of Oregon.

Milky Way Over Vermont Barn

Brian Drourr

Astrophotographer Brian Drourr sent in a photo of the Milky Way over an old barn in northern Vermont. Photo submitted July 11, 2014.

Noctilucent Clouds Over Sweden

Johann Enmarc

Astrophotographer Johann Enmarc sent in a photo of noctilucent clouds taken in Uppsala, Sweden. He notes that they are the strongest he's seen, lasting the entire twilight. Photo submitted July 13, 2014.

Supermoon Full Moon Over Entiat, Washington

Tim McCord

Stargazer Tim McCord of Entiat, Washington captured this amazing view of the "supermoon" full moon of July 12, 2014 as it rose into the night sky.

Supermoon of July 12, 2014: By Kelly Rich

Kelley Rich

The "supermoon" full moon of July 12, 2014 rises over Los Angeles, California in this view by photographer Kelley Rich.

Supermoon Over Brazil: July 13, 2014

Carlos Guilherme Allgayer

The supermoon full moon of July rises over Porto Alegre, Brazil. This photo was taken by Carlos Guilherme Allgayer in the early morning of July 13, just after the moon was at its peak.

Supermoon of July 12, 2014, Over the Manhattan Bridge in NYC

Luis Figueroa

Astrophotographer Luis Figueroa sent in a photo of the supermoon on July 12, 2014, seen over the Manhattan Bridge in NYC.

Supermoon July 2014 Over the Penobscot Narrows Bridge

Nancy Rimm Staples/www.mainephotographyandbeyond.com

Astrophotographer Nancy Rimm Staples sent in a photo of the July 12, 2014, supermoon rising between the cable stays of the Penobscot Narrows Bridge, home of the tallest public bridge observatory in the world. According to her, the bridge carries Routes 1 and 3 between Prospect and Verona Island, Maine in the mid-coast area.

Saturn and the Moon in the New Jersey Sky

Ryan Morrill

Astrophotography Ryan Morrill submitted a photo of Saturn and the moon together in one shot, taken July 7, 2014, in Manahawkin, NJ.

Moon and Planets Seen in Marikina City, Philippines

Joanne Q. Escober

Astrophotographer Joanne Q. Escober from Marikina City, Philippines, shared a labeled photo taken on July 9, 2014, showing the moon with Saturn and Mars plus the stars Spica, Arcturus and Antares.

First Quarter Moon of July 2014

Greg Redfern/What's Up? The Space Place

Astrophotographer Greg Redfern posted on his blog a photo of the first quarter moon taken on July 5, 2014. He is based in Virginia.

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