Best Space Photos of the Week - March 25, 2012

Big Light in Sky

Shawn Malone

Skywatcher Shawn Malone took this photo of the aurora March 15-16, 2012. She writes: "[A] glow low on the horizon illuminates the shoreline of Lake Superior, Alger County, MI."[More Images]

Shiny Shiny


Aboard the International Space Station, NASA astronaut Don Pettit photographed this 4-inch diameter polished metal sphere, providing an unusual view of the US laboratory, “Destiny.” In the background stands equipment for the Capillary Flow Experiment-2 (CFE-2) Vane Gap 1 Experiment. [More Images]

Giant Telescope's Construction Starts with a Bang ... Literally

Image courtesy U.S. Department of State

The birth of a giant new telescope began with a literal big bang Friday (March 23), in an excavation blast at the peak of a mountain in Chile — the observatory's future home. [Full Story]

Photos: New Supernova Explodes in Galaxy M95

Efrain Morales Rivera

Skywatchers and professional astronomers have taken numerous photographs of the new supernova discovered in the M95 galaxy last week. [See More Images]

Gift of a Dying Star: Skywatcher Snaps Spectacular Nebula Abell 31 Photo

Adam Block/Mount Lemmon SkyCenter/University of Arizona

Appearing to burst from space in glowing red and blue, this stunning photo captures large planetary nebula Abell 31. Skywatcher Adam Block took this photo Dec. 2011 at Mount Lemmon SkyCenter at the University of Arizona. [Full Story]

New Photos of Asteroid Vesta Reveal Surprisingly Bright Spots


A NASA spacecraft orbiting the huge asteroid Vesta has snapped amazing new photos of the colossal space rock, images that reveal strange features never-before-seen on an asteroid, scientists say. [Full Story]

New Map of Jupiter's Volcanic Moon Io is Best One Ever


Researchers have completed the most detailed geophysical map of Jupiter's moon Io ever devised. [Full Story]

Dazzling City Lights of Dubai Seen From Space


The city lights of Dubai shine brightly in a photo that highlights the area’s unique artificial archipelagos and land developments. The image was taken on Feb. 22, 2012 by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station. [Full Story]

New Video of Jupiter Reveals Invisible Jet Stream Wave

NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

New movies of Jupiter are the first to catch an invisible wave shaking up one of the giant planet's jet streams, an interaction that also takes place in Earth's atmosphere and influences the weather. [Full Story]

Brush with the Sun: Skywatcher Spots Daredevil Comet Down Under

Dr. M. Akbar Hussain of Pakistan Amateur Astronomers Society / Karachi Astronomers Society

Death-defying comet Lovejoy speeds its way above a Tasmanian pre-dawn sky in this spectacular photo shot by a Pakistani skywatcher. [Full Story]

New Fashion Line Puts Hubble Space Photos on the Catwalk

Shadowplay NYC

A new fashion line celebrates the beauty of the heavens with skirts and dresses printed with Hubble Space Telescope imagery. [Full Story]

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