These easy-to-use water and stomp rockets are up to 29% off for Prime Day

Stomp Rocket's Ultra Rocket LED is now on sale for Prime Day 2021.
Stomp Rocket's Ultra Rocket LED is now on sale for Prime Day 2021. (Image credit: Stomp Rocket)

Is there a space fanatic in your family who loves all things rockets? 

Blasting off this Prime Day, three different at-home toy rockets are on sale for up to 29% off! From backyard stomp rockets to light-up rockets and even rockets you can fill with water, these are a sure-fire fit for the rocket lover in your family.

The first of these on-sale rockets is the Original Stomp Rocket Jr., which is 29% off this Prime Day. Normally $24.95, you can get it for just $17.60.

This set comes with 7 original stomp rockets that glow in the dark, making them extra fun and easy to find. The set also comes complete with a large launch pad that kids can jump and stomp on with two feet. The powerful launcher pushes air through the rockets so kids can watch them soar high through the air. 

The Original Stomp Rocket Jr.: $24.95

The Original Stomp Rocket Jr.: $24.95 now $17.60 at Amazon, Save over $8: Have tons of rocket fun with the Original Stomp Rocket Jr. Glow Rocket and Rocket Refill pack that includes a launcher and 7 rockets. 

Also on sale for Prime Day, at 24% off, is the Original Stomp Rocket LED Ultra Rocket set. 

This set comes equipped with 4 LED-powered rockets that can launch up to 100 feet into the air, a durable tripod stand for the rockets and a launch pad for stomping. Each rocket has a bright LED bulb inside of it to make them shine brilliantly against the sky and then back on the ground, making them easy to find once they've landed.  Two 4 LR44 batteries for the LEDs are included.

The Original Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket LED: $21.00

The Original Stomp Rocket Ultra Rocket LED: $21.00 now $15.99 at Amazon,
Save over $5
: The bright LED lights inside these stomp rockets will light up the night!

If all that stomping wears out your future rocket scientist's feet, they can also launch a water rocket with this Genovega Water Bottle Model Rocket Launcher, which is on sale for 20% from its normal $21.33 price for Prime Day.

Genovega Water Bottle Model Rocket Launcher: $21.33

Genovega Water Bottle Model Rocket Launcher: $21.33 now $17.06 at Amazon
Use water pressure to launch a plastic bottle into the air with this Genovega Water Bottle Model Rocket Launch set. Launches can reach 100 feet, but watch out, you might get wet. 

This set comes with a plastic 2-liter bottle (the rocket), as well as a rocket tale and bicycle pump to provide the air pressure you'll need for launch. A standard 2-liter bottle can reach up to 100 feet under the prime conditions. 

You can also use your own plastic bottles, allowing kids to try different types of bottles to see how they perform at launch. 

If you're looking for something a little more advanced, you may want to consider these Estes model rocket launch sets on sale for Prime Day. Estes uses solid chemical motors to launch model rockets high into the sky, but you'll need to buy rocket motors and other supplies separately.

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