Starscream investigates a phantom howl in new 'Transformers: Halloween Special'

Transformers turns spooky with the new Transformers Halloween Special comic from IDW Publishing.
Transformers turns spooky with the new Transformers Halloween Special comic from IDW Publishing. (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

As All Hallow's Eve looms just over the horizon with its dreadful delights, it seems that the planet Cybertron's collection of Robots in Disguise is planning their own spooky celebration with a special Halloween-themed one-shot comic from IDW Publishing.

Written by Dan Watters ("Home Sick Pilots," "Lucifer," "The Sandman Universe") and injected with admirable artwork by Beth McGuire-Smith and cover artists Nicole Goux and Livio Ramondelli, "Transformers: Halloween Special" has entered our orbit with a revealing character study of the duplicitous Decepticon named Starscream. 

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Transformers: Halloween Special

Transformers: Halloween Special e-book: $5.99 at Amazon.

The never-jangling plotline begins with whispers of a disembodied spark wailing alone in the remote desert, an unholy howl drifting in the air around Cybertron like the hushed concerns of Starscream’s loyalty to Megatron. 

Frustrated and requiring some space to clear his mind, Starscream soon departs for the desert and is shocked to actually hear the unsettling phantom screams. He follows the sound and is met with an ape-like Voin creature chained to a tree. The encounter makes the sentient machine ponder existential questions of what it means to be a cybernetic being. Starscream then faces off with this weird experiment in a scary tale creators call "I Have No Mouth And I Must Starscream."

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Check out our 5-page preview for "Transformers: Halloween Special" in the gallery below! 

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