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Build your own Space Base and Command Station with these Cyber Monday board game sales

Space Base
Space Base has gorgeous artwork, and it's on discount for Black Friday. (Image credit: Amazon)

You won't want to miss the near 20% Black Friday discount off the board game Space Base. One of its expansion packs, Space Base: Command Station is also on offer, but is now only available from third-party sellers at Amazon. Both games are on great deals at Amazon while supplies last. You should also pick up the last expansion Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto (at regular price) to complete the set.

The dice-based game includes retro space artwork from Chris Walton for your viewing pleasure. Your job is to get promoted over your one to four other Space Base Commodore players who are competing for economic prestige in the space fleet.

In the base game, every player participates with each roll of the dice. You'll have to choose between increasing your baseline income, accumulating credits for a future turn, or taking some other action to lead you to victory.

Space Base: $39.99 $32.28 at Amazon

Take control of your space fleet in the board game "Space Base", which is 19% off for Black Friday. The game allows you to patrol 12 sectors for profit, using cargo vessels, mining ships and carriers.
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Space Base: Command Station: $39.99 $35.51 at Amazon

The epic expansion to "Space Base", "Command Station", is on sale at Amazon from a third party seller. You can add even more players to your galactic adventures as you seek to gain economic control of your fleet.
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Space Base: The Emergence of Shy Pluto: $23.87 at Amazon

The Plutonian expansion to "Space Base" is not on sale for Black Friday, but it's a must-have for completing the game. It includes story-based scenarios that add on to "Space Base", which has you attempt to take economic control of a spacefaring fleet.
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You'll have a fleet of spaceships at your command to secure control, including carriers, cargo vessels and mining ships to explore the universe. With 12 space sectors to explore and numerous tasks on every player turn, you'll be busy plotting your economic expansion throughout the game.

If you ever had dreams of being a new Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos, this game is sure to get your space entrepreneur games going. The expansion packs add even more adventures to "Space Base", so be sure to grab both of them while the sale is on. After all, it's always the first mover into a market that gets the advantage, whether it's on Earth or in space. 

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Space Base: $39.99 $32.28 at Amazon

Take advantage of this 19% discount on "Space Base", a fun board game about exploring the universe for profit. You can take control of the space economy using numerous ships and options, not to mention separately sold expansion packs.
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