Stunning Northern Lights shine amid solar storm (photos)

Auroras can be generated when the sun belches out particles that hit the Earth's upper atmosphere.
(Image credit: Terry Zaperach/NASA, CC BY-SA)

Particles screaming into Earth's atmosphere from the sun created beautiful northern lights across northern high latitudes of our planet late Sunday (Aug. 7) and early Monday (Aug. 8).

Skywatchers in Canada and the United Kingdom were among those that got to enjoy the stunning auroras, generated after charged particles blasted from the sun and interacted with Earth's upper atmosphere.

"Great to have another visit from the northern lights, a.k.a. Aurora Borealis here at Brancaster Staithe in North Norfolk early this morning," Gary Pearson, a photographer near the northeastern coast of Britain, tweeted of the storm.

Thousands of kilometers away in Manitoba, Canada, the storm created shimmers of purple and green on the horizon. "Amazing colors and structures," tweeted Deb Maluk after witnessing the storm there.

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The event was a "surprise geomagnetic storm," SpaceWeather stated, after a stream of solar particles hit the Earth on Sunday. The velocity sped up to 373 miles a second (600 km/s), which was enough to cause a moderate-sized G2 class storm despite it not being forecast.

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