'Lego Star Wars' conjures a fun-sized trio of new Halloween shorts (video)

a lego figurine in armor peers into a jack-o-lantern-shaped bucket
Still from "Lego Star Wars Halloween Shorts." (Image credit: Star Wars Kids)

This is the way. The spooky way.

Halloween and "Star Wars" are a match made in sci-fi heaven, and since that frightful night is just two weeks away, that dynamic duo of the Lego Group and Lucasfilm are cooking up some cosmic chills with three new "Lego Star Wars" Halloween-themed shorts which are now available to watch on Star Wars Kids. 

These "boo-and-brick-filled tales" appropriate for both older Jedi Masters and impressionable younglings are a brilliant bunch of amusing confections that includes "The Sith Witch of Mustafar," where the Sith Lord Darth Vader encounters a spooky ancient legend; "Mech My Day," showcasing an Imperial stormtrooper who crafts his own mech suit in an effort to confront his Sith boss; and "Mandoween," revolving around Grogu playing a practical joke on Din Djarin.

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"We're thrilled to launch three new shorts in partnership with our friends at Lego," says Lucasfilm's Josh Rimes, VP, animation development and production. "For the past couple years, 'Lego Star Wars,' with its sense of anarchic humor, has been a perfect pairing for seasonal holiday fun. Celebrating the creepy vibes of Halloween within a galaxy far, far away is a challenge, but it's something that 'Lego Star Wars' is uniquely positioned to do and we hope fans of all ages discover and share these brand-new, bite-sized terrifying tales!"

David Shayne, the writer of "The Sith Witch of Mustafar," tapped into an indie horror classic for his "Lego Star Wars" endeavor.

"I've jokingly referred to this as 'The Sith Witch Project' and you can see the Blair Witch influence, particularly in the Emperor's terrorized 'found footage' moment with his holo-projector," Shayne told StarWars.com. "After all the times Vader and the Emperor have frightened us, for once we wanted to see the tables turned on THEM! Now if we can just do a prequel, 'cause I am dying to see what happens at Vader's Castle Halloween Party. I suspect there's bobbing for jogan fruits."

"Lego Star Wars" ventured forth into the nerve-jangling corners of the legendary franchise in a 2021 project titled "Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales," also written by David Shayne. That special discovers Poe Dameron and BB-8 exploring Darth Vader's obsidian-black fortress stronghold on Mustafar, while hearing of haunting stories from the castle's notorious past.

"Lego Star Wars Terrifying Tales" is now streaming on Disney+, and more "Lego Star Wars" Halloween shorts can be discovered if you dare peek online at Star Wars Kids.

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