Guardians of the Galaxy's Nebula Goes Solo in February

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(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

A look at the cover of Nebula #1 debuting in 2020. (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Starting in February, the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise's irascible cyborg assassin Nebula will strike out on her own in her first solo limited series

From writer Vita Ayala and artist Claire Roe, the story features Nebula squaring off with a feared (but unnamed) Marvel Comics bounty hunter over a powerful prize.

“[Since] the movies kind of reinvigorated interest in her, we've gotten to see her pop up more and more in the comics. And now, here's her solo title where all we do is really dive deep and explore who she is and why she does what she does. That's kind of my jam,” Ayala told Refinery29.

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"I really want to kind of showcase how cool Nebula is even though she's a bad guy, and how much more complex she is than what we might was my mission to try and show who she is on a kind of two-dimensional level. Being able to be in her head and fill out all the corners is really given me an appreciation for her, and I want other people to also love her and want her to do her best."

Nebula #1 is due out in February 2020. Look for Marvel Comics' full February 2020 solicitations on Newsarama later this month.

NEBULA #1 (of 5)
Written by VITA AYALA
Nebula has grown under the shadows of Thanos and Gamora, but no longer! With her eyes set on a top-secret device, Nebula has big plans for her future—and she’s not about to let anyone get in her way! But her goal may end up costing her more than she’s willing to pay after a showdown with one of the cosmos most feared bounty hunters….Don’t miss out on this cosmically critical series launch from rising stars, Vita Ayala (PRISONER X) and Claire Roe (FEARLESS)!

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