This huge Cyber Monday deal can net you an excellent drone for almost half price

Ruko U11PRO
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There have been a whole host of Cyber Monday drone deals this year, but this latest one might just be one of our favorites.

The Ruk U11PRO is a great drone for new starters, packed full of clever features like auto return and 4K video capture.

Better yet, this very capable drone is now just $223.90 at Amazon, marking a discount of almost $200. And yet, when you factor in an additional $15 coupon, it brings it down to $208.90 — just tick the box below the price to apply it.

That's a huge discount that's just about half price. It's also packaged with a whole host of additional goodies, including additional propellers, a screwdriver, and even an additional battery as part of this deal. 

You won't need to register with the FAA for a remote ID, either, making this easy to use right out of the box.

RUKO U11PRO Drone with extra battery: was $419.88 now $208.90 at Amazon. 

RUKO U11PRO Drone with extra battery: was $419.88 now $208.90 at Amazon

Save 50% on this amazing drone and battery bundle when you redeem an additional coupon on the Amazon product page.

That discount means you're getting an excellent drone, as well as a huge array of accessories, at a steep, steep discount. Included in the bundle you'll even find a carrying case, charging cables, and spare screws for maintenance.

But what of the drone itself? The Ruko U11PRO can take 4K photo and video, and uses an intuitive remote control that you can attach your smartphone to via a clamp. The manufacturer also says it's ideal for indoor shots, too, with a sturdy hovering mode that means it won't fly through your windows or ceilings, and it can follow you via GPS.

Once the battery is low, or you ask it to, it'll return home with Auto Return, too, and it's smart enough to make its way back if it loses signal, too.

All of this in a compact drone that measures less than 10 inches squared, and weighs just 278 grams? It'd be a tempting purchase even if it wasn't so drastically discounted. 

Customer reviews are positive, too, with many praising the number of safety features that ensure it won't get lost when it first takes flight. And, as far as altitude goes, up to 120m certainly isn't to be sniffed at, although a training mode can limit height and range to ensure you don't go too far, too soon.

This is certainly one Cyber Monday that budding drone pilots do not want to miss.

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Key Specs: 9.81oz/278g weight, dimensions are ‎9.33x9.29x3.43. Video and still images supported. Up to 4K resolution with an effective still resolution of 8294400 pixels. Each battery allows for up to 26 minutes of flight time (two batteries included). Beginner mode can set height and range limits.

Consensus: With 4K video, a smart training mode, and a whole host of "nice to have" features like an indoor mode, this drone is an excellent option for newcomers even before you factor in a huge bunch of accessories and this massive discount.

Buy if: You're new to drone piloting or are at an intermediate level and want to push your skills a little further.

Don't buy if: You're an expert at drone piloting and want something a little heftier for tougher conditions.

Alternative models: We've been big fans of the DJI Mini 3, another excellent drone, and we've seen a Cyber Monday deal that'll get you the drone and a bundle for $99 off.

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