Behold, Baby Yoda! Hasbro reveals animatronic 'Child' and more from 'The Mandalorian'

A whole host of cuddly, frog-eating and talking (and, of course, giggling) toys of "The Child" (better known as "Baby Yoda" from the "Star Wars" series "The Mandalorian") have been revealed just in time for the 2020 Toyfair in New York City.

This morning (Feb. 20) on Good Morning America, these new toys were put on display so you can see how they move and look on camera in the video below or in the video from Hasbro above.

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Recently, Hasbro revealed a slew of "Star Wars" products and toys that will go on sale and be available for preorder starting in May, 2020. With the announcement, the company has released a crop of positively enchanting new toys. 

Animatronic Baby Yoda

The most eye- (and ear) catching of all these toys is an animatronic toy that looks, sounds and even moves like Baby Yoda. By touching the top of The Child's head, you activate its over 25 sounds and movement combinations, which include happy, excited sounds like giggling and babbling, head movements, eye blinking and ear wiggling. Yes, it is beyond adorable. 

The animatronic toy will even try to harness the power of the force, raising its little arms, closing its eyes and sighing from the "incredible energy it's exerting." To take the lifelike nature of this animatronic up just another notch, if you lay this Baby Yoda down, it will close its eyes and take a "Force nap." This figure will be available at most major retailers beginning Fall, 2020 and will retail for about $59.99.

Star Wars: The Child - Animatronic Edition | Hasbro ($59.99)

Star Wars: The Child - Animatronic Edition | Hasbro ($59.99)

"Baby Yoda" comes to life with Hasbro's new animatronic, adorable, giggling, ear-wiggling toy, which is set to hit shelves in the Fall of 2020. 

Talking plush

One of the other Baby Yoda toys that has been generating buzz is Hasbro's "Star Wars The Child talking plush toy." This toy, revealed earlier this year to hit shelves this Spring, 2020, this talking plush has a soft body which, when squeezed, emits character sounds. And, of course, this Baby Yoda plush comes with body a Sorgan frog and a bone broth bowl.

An up-close look at Hasbro's cuddly plush "Baby Yoda." (Image credit: Hasbro)
Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy | Hasbro ($24.99)

Star Wars The Child Talking Plush Toy | Hasbro ($24.99)
Hasbro's new, talking "Baby Yoda" plush comes complete with a froggy to eat and a bowl of broth. 

Little figures

Also revealed earlier this year are both 6.5-inch and 2.2-inch figures of Baby Yoda. The bigger of these figurines has its hand stretched out, trying to harness the power of the Force, while the tiniest of these figures comes in six different configurations. This includes versions of Baby Yoda sipping soup, eating a frog, stretching out to use the Force and wrapped in a blanket. Both of these figures are set to hit shelves this Spring, 2020.

Star Wars The Child 6.5-Inch Figure | Hasbro ($19.99)

Star Wars The Child 6.5-Inch Figure | Hasbro ($19.99)
Hasbro's 6.5-inch "Baby Yoda" figure will be available for purchase (and snuggling) this Spring, 2020. 

Baby Yoda games

In addition to the variety of cuddly, lovable toy versions of The Child are some new games. Hasbro is coming out with "Operation: Star Wars the Mandalorian Edition," game, in which players ages 6 and up have to use tweezers to try and take back all of the items that Baby Yoda has taken. These objects include a frog, a bowl of broth and a mudhorn egg. 

In addition to this new verion of "Operation," Hasbro will also be releasing a "Mandalorian"-themed version of "Trouble." These games will be available for purchase this Spring 2020.

Ahsoka Tano

The new Ahsoka Tano figure from Hasbro. (Image credit: Hasbro)

Baby Yoda isn't the only "Star Wars" character getting all of the attention with this new toy release. In addition to the above figures, plushes animatronics and games, Hasbro is coming out with a 5-inch-scale Ahsoka Tano figure. The figure is incredibly detailed and includes two blue lightsabers. Ahsoka Tano displays her double lightsaber swipe when you twist the figure's torso and release it. This 5-inch figure will be available this Spring 2020.

Clone Trooper

The new Clone Trooper figure from Hasbro.  (Image credit: Hasbro)

Another figure revealed is the 5-inch-scale "Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures" clone trooper figure. The figure comes complete with a blaster, you can enable the figure's "Blaster Barrage" by pressing down on one of the figure's arms and releasing it. This figure will also hit shelves this Spring 2020.

A sweet Darksaber

The new "Darksaber" from Hasbro. (Image credit: Hasbro)

Last but not least, Hasbro announced that, this Spring 2020, the "Star Wars the Mandalorian Darksaber Electronic Lightsaber" will be available. 

Available this Spring, 2020 and for ages 5 and up, this black-bladed lightsaber has electronic light and battle sound effects that will allow you to bring your lightsaber duels to life. It even makes a "crackling lightning" sound and lights up when you hold down a button on the saber's hilt. 

If you want to see the full list of "Star Wars" toys, shirts, games and more coming in 2020, you can see more images here via

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