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Best Space Photos of the Week – Sept. 12, 2015

Pluto: More Than Expected

NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute

New images beamed down from NASA's New Horizons spacecraft show a stunning variety of complicated surface features on Pluto. [Read the whole story.]

Across the Universe

NASA/Bill Ingalls

An outstanding new image shows the International Space Station crossing the sun's face. [Read the whole story.]

Newborns' nursery

Alma Observatory

A newfound hourglass structure reveals the presence of at least two, if not more, high-mass stars in a cloud of gas and dust. [Read the whole story.]

Moon over medieval castle

Miguel Claro Night Sky Photography/

An epic moon hangs over the medieval village Monsaraz, in Portugal, in a new twilight photograph. [Read the whole story.]

Dazzling auroras

Scott Kelly (via Twitter as @StationCDRKelly)

As a Labor Day gift, Scott Kelly released beautiful photos and video of the effects of a solar storm yesterday on Earth. [Read the whole story.]

A massive tornado

Solar Dynamics Observatory, NASA

A giant, swirling plume of superheated plasma churned above the surface of the sun for 40 hours last week while a NASA spacecraft looked on. [Read the whole story.]

Successfully launched

Firefly Space Systems

A company that aims to launch small satellites to orbit has successfully tested its first rocket engine. [Read the whole story.]

Water on Mars

American Geophysical Union

A giant slab of ice as big as California and Texas combined lurks just beneath the surface of Mars between its equator and north pole, researchers say. [Read the whole story.]

Changes visualized

Guinness World Records

A new image from the Guinnes World Records publishers presents the evolution of spaceships to the world. [Read the whole story.]

With great powers...

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert/CBS

Elon Musk appeared on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" to talk about dropping nuclear bombs on Mars, the future of rocket travel, and a creepy, snakelike robot for electric-car owners. [Read the whole story.]

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