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LEGO Releases Female Scientist Kit, Sells Out Same Day

The new LEGO Research Institute kit
LEGO released a new kit with a female astronomer, chemist and paleontologist on Aug. 1, 2014. (Image credit: LEGO)

Any space fan that hasn't already purchased a newly released LEGO kit featuring a female astronomer will have to wait a while longer before getting their hands on the toy. The initial supply of the brand new "LEGO Ideas Research Institute" sold out on Aug. 1, the same day it was released.

The $20 kit features a female paleontologist and chemist as well as the astronomer. It also comes with some pretty sweet LEGO gear, including a fake mini chemistry and a LEGO dinosaur skeleton. The astronomer comes equipped with a sky map and telescope. Geoscientist Ellen Kooijman developed the new set, and LEGO Ideas members selected it.

"This collection of scenes depicts three varied professions within the world of natural science," LEGO representatives wrote in a description of the kit. "Help the paleontologist study the origin of dinosaurs with the magnifying glass, map the skies with the astronomer and her telescope, and assist the chemist as she carries out experiments in her lab." [See images of LEGOs in space]

Learn more about the LEGO kit and order the set when it becomes available again here:

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