Gallery: Private Space Stations of the Future Imagined

SKYLON Concept Starship

Adrian Mann

Reaction engines have devised a series of modules to demonstrate the proposed spaceship SKYLON's capabilities. Here, a space station has been assembled using docking, habitation, power, airlock and laboratory modules.

Boeing Unflown ISS Modules Concept


A Boeing concept for using available, but unflown, modules developed for the International Space Station, as well as purpose-built elements for a Libration-point habitat.

Bigelow Moon Habitat

AMNH\D. Finnin

Made with walls of reinforced fabric, expandable spacecraft like this model by the private space company Bigelow Aerospace—shown here in one-third scale—may one day house astronauts on the moon.

Robert Bigelow: Lessons, Visions, Realities...

Bigelow Aerospace's CEO illuminates the foresight driving his company's market positioning strategy.

New $50 Million Prize for Private Orbiting Spacecraft

Bigelow Aerospace

Bigelow Aerospace has planned a series of inflatable structure tests in space. Plan is to evolve testing and hardware to establish the Nautilus outpost in Earth orbit.

Boeing CST-100 Approaching Bigelow Space Station


This artist's illustration depicts a Boeing CST-100 spacecraft approaching a private inflatable space station complex designed by Bigelow Aerospace.

Soviet-Era Almaz Space Ride

Excalibur Almaz

An artist's depiction of the Excalibur Almaz Reusable Re-entry Vehicle (RRV) planned to launch paying customers into orbit by 2013.

Soviet Union’s Almaz Space Station

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