Gallery: Private Space Stations of the Future Imagined

Bigelow Aerospace BA 330 at Mars

Bigelow Aerospace

The future of the space station may be in private hands. Several companies have drawn up plans, or visions, for commercial space stations to take more people into the final frontier than ever before. See some of those wild space station concepts in this gallery. Here: An artist's illustration of a Bigelow Aerospace BA 330 inflatable module with Mars in the background. The BA 330 module is expected to be designed to form part of a multi-module space station, or serve as an independent orbiting outpost.

Playboy Club Space Station Exterior

Thomas Tenery/Playboy Enterprises

The Playboy Club in space will be on a station in orbit, like a cruise ship.

Bigelow Alpha Station

Bigelow Aerospace

Artist’s view of the Bigelow Alpha Station comprised of two BA 330 expandable habitats built by private spaceflight company Bigelow Aerospace.

Playboy Club Space Station Restaurant

Thomas Tenery/Playboy Enterprises

The Playboy Club space station restaurant will have gravity, to prevent chaos. These interiors are warm and elegant.

Playboy Club Space Station Club

Thomas Tenery/Playboy Enterprises

The dance club will be the one room on board with no windows. It is a totally encompassing zero-gravity psychedelic experience.

World's First Commercial Space Station Planned in Russia

Orbital Technologies. [Full Story]

This artist's illustration shows a cross-section of the planned Commercial Space Station envisioned by Russian companies Orbital Technologies and RSC Energia.

Excalibur Almaz Station Cutaway Drawing

Excalibur Almaz

Excalibur Almaz artist's conceptual cutaway drawing of the proposed space station. Image released June 1, 2011.

Playboy Club Space Station Hotel Suite

Thomas Tenery/Playboy Enterprises

Personal quarters will serve as the first zero-gravity sex suites.

Bigelow BEAM Habitat Docked to International Space Station

Bigelow Aerospace

NASA has awarded a $17.8 million contract to Bigelow Aerospace to provide a Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM), which is scheduled to arrive at the space station in 2015 for a two-year technology demonstration. Artist's impression released Jan. 16, 2013.

Playboy Club Space Station Game Room

Thomas Tenery/Playboy Enterprises

The gaming room will have 3-D video games. But what about a mutant roulette wheel on which the player himself is the ball that bounces around the numbers?

Boeing's New Spacecraft

Boeing is advancing plans for its new capsule-based spaceship, designed to ferry people to and from the ISS and future private space stations. The capsule design is part of an effort to replace the re

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