Best Night Sky Photos of the Week: March 1, 2014

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‘Downtown Auriga, Taurus-Side’

Credit: Rogelio Bernal Andreo/
Astrophotographer Rogelio Bernal Andreo sent in a photo of a sky region in the constellation of Auriga featuring Simeis 147 (the large circular supernova…Read More »

remnant at left), the Flaming Star Nebula (comma-shaped object at lower right), and above and to the left of that nebula, the emission nebula IC 410, along with other deep sky objects. Andreo writes: “Here's my first somewhat-serious deep-sky project this year. Plenty of well-known objects: Simeis 147, the Flaming Star nebula, M36, M38, IC 410, etc. Not often all photographed in the same field of view, though.” He calls the photo, “Downtown Auriga, Taurus-Side.” [See More Photos]   Less «
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