Blast off to Planet Nine with 'The Crew' space card game for 31% off this Prime Day

UPDATE TUESDAY, JUNE 22: Amazon says this is sold out.

If you love a fantastic space-themed game, now is the perfect time to snatch up "The Crew," which is on sale for Amazon Prime Day (opens in new tab) for 30% off (now $10.45). 

Imagine you're part of a team of astronauts and scientists who have to brave the dangers of space to discover Planet Nine (opens in new tab) — a hypothetical planet that may exist in the outer solar system. That's exactly what you get to do, through 50 harrowing missions, in "The Crew: The Quest For Planet Nine (opens in new tab)" by Thames and Kosmos.

'The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine': $14.95 (opens in new tab)

SOLD OUT 'The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine': $14.95 now $10.45 at Amazon (opens in new tab)
Do you have the Right Stuff to find Planet Nine? This card game from Thames and Kosmos asks just that with 50 daring missions to find the mysterious plane in our solar system. Work together in cooperative play of 3 to 5 players to find Planet Nine.

"The Crew" is a cooperative strategy card game in which you and your crew (three to five players) play through 50 different missions, which become more complex as the game goes on. 

Each "mission" involves a 5-10 minute round of the card game where each player is trying to collect the right objects at the right time. With each successful mission, you and your team travel deeper into the solar system and closer to the elusive Planet Nine.

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