Colonize the Red Planet with the Terraforming Mars board game, now 45% off

Terraforming Mars board game - Colonize the Red Planet with the Terraforming Mars board game, now 45% off
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Follow in the footsteps of Arnie in Total Recall, and get your butt to Mars with the Terraforming Mars board game, which is currently reduced to one of the lowest prices we've seen it at in the Amazon Prime Day sales.

Right now, you can get Terraforming Mars for just $38.55 at Amazon, down from it's original price of $69.95. That's a massive 45% discount, saving you just over $31 on one of the best space board games in the known universe (We're covering ourselves here, aliens might have better board games than us.)

Set in the year 2400, Terraforming Mars sees two to five players working together to colonize the Red planet, while also competing to see how can do the best job. It's a cool part co-op, part competitive twist on the usual strategy game formula. You'll have to transform the barren planet and build human infrastructure to gain victory points.

Terraforming Mars$69.95now $38.55 on AmazonSave 45%

Terraforming Mars $69.95 now $38.55 on Amazon.
Save 45% on this excellent space board game that challenges players to, well as the name suggests, terraform Mars. Make the air breathable, create oceans, and build Martian cities on your way to victory.

While scientists don't think we're going to get to terraform the real Mars anytime soon, if ever, that doesn't mean we can't have a ton of fun transforming a fictional Mars with this surprisingly in-depth and science-focused game.

You play as one of several mega-corporations looking to get rich on this bold new frontier, collecting and spending resources to enact projects and transform the barren planet into a lush paradise. You're competing with the other players for the best places to build your cities, oceans and greenery.

There are tons of expansions for the game too, so once you've become a terraforming pro, you can take on new challenges like going to the hostile hellscape of Venus in the Venus Next expansion.

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