'Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer' puts Jean-Luc back in command in new IDW comic series

Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1
IDW is releasing a companion comic book miniseries "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer" to the Paramount Plus Trek TV series. (Image credit: IDW PUblishing)

A new comic book series from IDW Publishing will warp the valiant Jean-Luc Picard back in the captain's chair of the USS Stargazer to fill in the gap between seasons 2 and 3 of the "Star Trek: Picard TV series.

This noble Federation starship was last seen "Star Trek: Picard" season 2 on the streaming service Paramount Plus, first with Captain Cristobal Rios at the helm and later with Seven of Nine in command for the final episodes. Now we're offered a glimpse at the events following this most recent "Picard" season, which aired on the streaming service this spring and ended on May 5.

Co-written by Mike Johnson ("Blade Runner: 2019," "Star Trek: Discovery") and "Star Trek: Picard" co-creator Kirsten Beyer, with illustrations by artist Angel Hernandez ("Star Trek: Discovery - Adventures in the 32nd Century"), "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer" is a three-issue title that serves as a never-before-seen bridge leading up to "Star Trek: Picard" season 3 which arrives in 2023.


Star Trek: Picard: Stargazer #1 e-book: $4.99 at Amazon
You can pre-order "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1" for Kindle and Comixology from Amazon to see Picard's latest Trek-venture!

The cover of "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1" from IDW Publishing. (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

"It's impossible to think of 'Star Trek' without thinking about Captain Jean-Luc Picard," said senior editor Heather Antos in an official press release. "What Mike, Kirsten, and Angel are able to do to expand on his journey in these oversized issues is simply breathtaking."

Presented in a deluxe oversized format, "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1" will appear in comic shops and online retailers on Aug. 24 and centers around Jean-Luc Picard being lured out of retirement once more to face unintended consequences from his past with the help of Seven of Nine and the USS Stargazer.

An alternate cover for "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1" (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

"We want to give fans a deep and meaningful story to tide them over after the end of 'Picard' season two," Beyer and Johnson said in a joint statement. "This adventure takes Jean-Luc and Seven to a distant location from Picard’s past as captain of the Stargazer. It’s a place that forces them to confront old ghosts and new dangers and sets the stage for their return to the screen in season three." 

Artist Angel Hernandez is thrilled to rejoin Beyer and Johnson on another adventurous trip into IDW's universe of engaging "Star Trek" comics.

"I have been very fortunate to be part of the 'Star Trek' family for several years, able to work on practically each incarnation," Hernandez added. "Whenever I start working on a new project, I feel a sense of vertigo and great emotion because I know that it is going to be something special. It’s been an incredible experience to look out onto the new landscape of this fantastic Picard story."

A third cover variant for "Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1" (Image credit: IDW Publishing)

"Star Trek: Picard - Stargazer #1" lands on Aug. 24 from IDW Publishing,  with special variant covers crafted by series artist Angel Hernandez, Megan Levens & Charlie Kirchoff, and a retailer incentive edition by Liana Kangas.

To catch up on Paramount Plus' "Star Trek: Picard" check out our Season 2 Streaming Guide.

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