Blast off into a stellar 20% discount on this LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle kit

LEGO Imperial Shuttle
LEGO Imperial Shuttle (Image credit: Amazon Prime)

The sleek white Lambda-class Imperial Shuttle is one of the most recognized and stunning spaceships in the entire Star Wars universe and it remains a certified fan favorite since it was first introduced in 1983's "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." 

Now it's docking amid Amazon Prime Days' epic fleet of price-slashed deals so amateur space pilots can add to their sci-fi collection at an attractive 20% discount. 

Behold the elegant folded-wing design of the insect-like Imperial Shuttle presented here as a deluxe, 660-piece LEGO building kit suitable for Earthlings aged 9 and up. Listed at a regular price of $69.99, you can snag one (or two) for yourself for the enticing cost of $56.00 at Amazon, which represents a considerable $13.99 saving.

If this dark-side ride isn't your style. you can also check out our roundup of all the Lego deals during the Prime Day sales event. For us though, it's got to be the Imperial Shuttle - we just love the way those wings fold out as it takes off.

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle building kit: $69.99now $56.00 at Amazon

LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle building kit: $69.99 now $56.00 at Amazon

Save $14 on this 660-piece LEGO "Star Wars" Imperial Shuttle that comes equipped with three minifigures of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker (complete with red and green lightsabers) and an Imperial Shuttle officer to fly the Empire's iconic spaceship from a galaxy far, far away.

LEGO's impressive Star Wars Imperial Shuttle 75302 Building Kit was first released in 2021 and measures in at roughly 10 in. (25 cm) high, 9 in. (24 cm) long, and 14 in. (35 cm) wide. It's a fun, flagship piece for populating "Star Wars" dioramas or creating your own perilous play missions to distant worlds or rendezvous with behemoth  Star Destroyers planning a secret attack on some pesky Alliance outposts.

Accompanying the main starship model is a trio of LEGO minifigures representing a lightsaber-carrying Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, and an Imperial Officer packing a blaster pistol and handcuffs for transporting rebellious spies in desperate need of an intimate date with a hovering torture droid.

This detailed Imperial Shuttle also showcases an opening cockpit area to seat your capable pilot, a lift-up main cargo compartment cozy enough for a pair of LEGO minifigures, foldable upswept wings for take-off and landings, and two stud shooter weapons for close encounters.

For more amazing LEGO building kits and playsets spawned by the vast and colorful "Star Wars" legacy, check out our list of the best Lego Star Wars Sets. Be sure to check out all of our coverage of the Amazon Prime Day deals too.

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