Save $145 on the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P telescope this Black Friday weekend

Sky-Watcher Classic 250P
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Want to gaze into deep space for less? B&H Photo Video have reduced the price of the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P by $145, making it just $765 this Black Friday weekend.

Normally $910, the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P telescope comes highly rated by beginners and more experienced stargazers alike. Easy to operate, solid and offering great views of the sky to boot, it's an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their night skywatching equipment.

We haven't reviewed the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P, but we have had hands on the 200P variant, which is a similar telescope just with a different aperture. We called that one of the best telescopes for gazing into deep space, and praised its excellent mount.

The 'Classic' in the title of this telescope may give away that this is a tool better suited to purists: there are no electronic go-to functions to be found here; rather, you're getting a classic telescope experience that puts you in control of navigation.

While this excellent deal is running through Black Friday weekend, we aren't sure if it will last until Cyber Monday. So if you're tempted by this saving on the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P, we wouldn't recommend waiting too long before grabbing it.

Sky-Watcher Classic 250P telescope: was $910 now $765 at B&H Photo Video

Sky-Watcher Classic 250P telescope: was $910 now $765 at B&H Photo Video

Save $145 on one of the best classic telescopes in this price range. The Sky-Watcher Classic boasts a fantastic build quality and incredibly sharp, clear optics that make observing celestial bodies an absolute joy. If you don't care about electronic GoTo functions, this Black Friday deal is well worth consideration.

For traditionalist stargazers, the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P comes highly recommended. Its bright 250mm aperture means that your views of the night sky are incredibly detailed — it's an aperture that makes deep space viewing not only possible but seriously enjoyable.

The Classic 250P is equipped with a traditional Dobsonian Optical Tube Assembly, with glass that's coated with Sky-Watcher's proprietary RAQ — that's Radiant Aluminum Quartz — which ensures beautifully clear views and an unrivalled 94% reflectivity.

The telescope comes with two 1.25" eyepieces, a 1.25" adapter, a 2" eyepiece adapter, dust caps and a 9x50 finder scope. Its ability to house heavier 2" eyepieces means you can use just about any eyepiece on the market with this system.

Key Specs: Traditional Dobsonian Optical Tube Assembly, 1.25" eyepiece, 250mm aperture, proprietary tension control handle, weighs 25lbs, its floor-based mount measures 29x20.5 inches, no Go-To electronics.

Consensus: A solid and impressive traditional telescope, the Sky-Watcher Classic 250P offers beautiful and clear views of the night sky, and the telescope's support of 2" eyepieces mean that you can achieve wider fields of view at lower magnifications.

Buy if: You're a purist who isn't bothered about Go-To functionality and likes to have full control over their stargazing.

Don't buy if: You're on a budget, or you appreciate electronic functionality.

Alternative models: The Sky-Watcher Classic 200P offers similar quality but its 200mm aperture makes its price much lower. If you like the idea of something with more electronic and smart functions, the Vaonis Vespera Observation Station comes highly recommended by us.

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