Funko Pop! releases new Baby Yoda and other 'Mandalorian' figures

star wars baby yoda funko pop toy fair
Funko’s highly anticipated The Child (aka Baby Yoda) Pop! is the company’s most popular figurine, with pre-sales already selling out. (Image credit: Kasandra Brabaw/

NEW YORK — Immediately upon walking into Funko's booth at Toy Fair New York, it was clear to me that Baby Yoda (formally known as The Child) was the star of this year's show. Funko had a brightly lit display table in the center of the company's large booth, with dozens of new "Star Wars" Pop! figures and other products from a galaxy far, far away. 

Two Baby Yoda Pop! figures sat front and center on the top shelf of the display, one roughly the size of Funko's other popular figurines and one looming over the other Pop! toys, at 10 inches (25 centimeters) tall. Sitting beside them were other characters from Disney Plus' new and instantly beloved show "The Mandalorian." 

In March, fans of the show will have a chance to buy Funko figurines of: 

  • The Client (who puts out a bounty on The Child).
  • Greef Karga (who hires the Mandalorian to track down The Child).
  • Q9-0 (a mercenary droid known as Zero who attempted to kill The Child). 
  • IG-11 (another droid who attempted to kill The Child). 
  • The Armorer (a female Mandalorian who forged the Mandalorian's pauldron). 
  • An off-world Jawa (like those who ransacked the Mandalorian's ship). 
  • An Incinerator Stormtrooper (aka, a Stormtrooper weilding fire). 

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The Funko shelf also displayed a Pop! figurine of the Mandalorian himself, as well as one of the character riding a blurrg. If you recall, we saw the Mandalorian ride one of these strange-looking beasts in the first episode of "The Mandalorian" as the bounty hunter made his way into the encampment to find his target, later revealed to be an infant of the same species as Yoda (thus affectionately known as Baby Yoda among fans). Other versions of the Mandalorian will also be on sale, such as a heavy infantry Mandalorian, covert Mandalorian and death watch Mandalorian. 

Funko plans to release its line of "The Mandalorian"-inspired Pop! figures throughout March and early April, though many of them are already available for presale. Prices for these toys vary, with some (the Client, Q9-0) as low as $8 or $9 and some (the Mandalorian riding a blurrg, The Child) as high as $36 to $40. But if you want a Baby Yoda Pop! of your own, act fast; both the small and large versions of this "Star Wars" cutie are selling out fast. You can buy the new "Star Wars" Funko Pop! figures online here.

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