Everything Is Awesome About These 'The Lego Movie 2' Collectible Minifigures!

Giraffe Guy


Adding to the popular costume characters is this well-designed giraffe. Bringing options for facial expressions and carrying the new leaf element, this character is sure to garner many fans.

The Cowardly Lion


Bashful but ready for adventure in the upcoming Lego Movie 2, the Lion has his medal ready to prove his courage.

Hula Lula


Lego offers a second version of this character complete with a green skirt, pink leis and dual facial expressions. As part of Lucy's Popular Band, she carries a record and a magenta microphone, matching the other band members.

The Swamp Creature


The newest version of this character has some updated colors and clothing choices, not to mention a whip and a tattoo on his chest.



Also from the Wizard of Oz, this character is one of only a few scarecrows by Lego who are friendly. This minifigure comes with a Certificate of Achievement award.

Sherry Scratchen-Post & Scarfield


Transforming from a slightly crazy cat lady in The Lego Movie, Sherry has morphed into a warrior ready for the Apocalypse. Scarfield is gone survival mode as well with a dark red mohawk and a spiked collar.

Kitty Pop


Rounding out the Popular Band, this character sports white cat ears and tail. She carriers a guitar and the band-matching magenta mic. Kitty Pop also exhibits the dual singing/smiling faces.

Tin Man


Rounding out the troop from Oz, Tin Man is ready for adventure. He carries the heart given to him by the Wizard and his axe, ready for work.



A new version for The Lego Movie 2, Unikitty is the only brick-built, non-minifigure in this set.

Watermelon Dude


Completing the trio, this character carries a piece of watermelon and wears one as well. His two-sided head includes sunglasses atop a one-sided smile.

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