Everything Is Awesome About These 'The Lego Movie 2' Collectible Minifigures!

More Fun For The Lego Movie 2


Available Feb. 1, the newest collectible minifigures series from Lego stars Benny the Spaceman with a robot arm and so much more from "The Lego Movie 2!" Check out the photos here.

Remix Emmet


While Emmet is not new to the Lego scene, The Lego Movie 2 version comes with a new smart-tile phone and his two-sided head offers two new expressions.

Apocalypseburg Abe


Ready for the end of the world (as he knows it) this version of Abe sports metal skull-and-pistons-belt buckle and goggles around his tophat. He carries an axe. His double-sided head offers a surprised and an angry look.

Flashback Lucy


Carrying a gold record for Bricksburg's famous "Everything is Awesome," this version of the popular The Lego Movie character hints at Wyldstyle's past. One of her two facial expressions shows her singing away her hit song.

Crayon Girl


While simple, this costumed character gets straight to the point with the removable purple cone. Her two faces — happy and laughing — both seem to be reactions to the minifigure portrait she carries.

Vest Friend Rex


Rex, a new addition to the main characters in the upcoming movie, sports faces revealing determination and confidence. He comes with a baby blue raptor.

Apocalypse Benny


In addition to his classic blue spacesuit, Benny now has a robot arm and a bright red toolbox. Benny also presents a double-sided head offering new expressions a big smile and a serious squinty-face.

Candy Rapper


Another member of the Popular Band, this character offers dual facial expressions and carries a mixed tape.

Dorothy Gale and Toto


Fresh from Kansas, Dorothy proudly wears her ruby red slippers. Her dress is created by a checkered cloth wrapped around her legs. Toto comes with Dorothy as well.

Gone Golfin' President Business


A new look for this character, President Business kept his old, and unique, hairstyle. The president carries a new accessory: a quite-realistic golf club. For facial expressions, the character has a laughing as well as a nervous look.

Battle-Ready Lucy


The newest version of Lucy comes with a molded hood scarf with goggles. She carries a quiver and binoculars. Lucy also offers two expressions: cheery and angry.

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