New 'Star Wars' Lego Sets Released in August 2018

Join the Rebel Alliance!

Lego released new "Star Wars" building sets on Aug. 1, 2018. Click through this gallery to see what's new! HERE: This 731-piece Rebel X-Wing Starfighter building set has moveable wings and comes with stickers and tiles so you can create either Skywalker's Red Five X-Wing or Biggs Darklighter's Red Three X-wing. Luke Skywalker, Biggs Darklighter, R2-D2 and R2-Q2 minifigures are included.
[$80 on]


Prepare for a droid-collecting adventure with this buildable Jawa sandcrawler. The 1,239-piece set includes six minifigures: two Jawas, Luke Skywalker, and three different droids.
[$140 on]

Anakin's Jedi Starfighter

Zoom through the galaxy with Anakin Skywalker's yellow Jedi starfighter (the same model he flies in "The Clone Wars"). The 247-piece building set comes with Anakin and R2-D2 minifigures.
[$20 on]

Snoke's Throne Room

Reenact one of the most epic scenes from "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" with Snoke's Throne Room. This 492-piece building set comes with five minifigures: Kylo Ren, Rey, Snoke and two Praetorian guards.
[$70 on]

Y-Wing Starfighter

Lego's new Y-Wing starfighter comes with 1,967 pieces and measures 2 feet (61 cm) long when assembled. This epic and detailed set is part of Lego's Ultimate Collector Series and was released on May 4, 2018 for "Star Wars Day." It comes with a Gold Leader minifigure and an R2-BHD droid. The spaceship is equipped with all sorts of "bells and whistles" and comes with a tilted display stand.
[$200 on]

Kessel Run Millennium Falcon

The 1,413-piece Kessel Millennium Falcon features includes six minifigures (Han Solo, Chewbacca, Qi'ra, Lando Calrissian, a Kessel guard and a Kessel operations droid) as well as an adorable DD-BD droid.
[$170 on]

BrickHeadz™ Han Solo & Chewbacca

Lego is releasing several new Star Wars BrickHeadz building sets in 2018, including Chewbacca and Han Solo, which went on sale in April. Each set is sold separately and comes with a collector's baseplate for easy display.

Chewbacca comes with 149 pieces, including his matted Wookiee fur, an ammunition belt and a detachable blaster. [$7 on]

Lego's Han Solo BrickHeadz building set comes with 141 pieces. Solo is wearing his iconic brown jacket and utility belt, and he comes with his own detachable blaster. [$7 on]

BrickHeadz™ Luke Skywalker & Yoda


These two BrickHeadz™ come as a pair rather than separately like other BrickHeadz building sets. The 215-piece set will be available on Oct. 1 for a suggested retail price of $15. [The Empire Strikes Brick with Lego's Luke, Leia, Boba Fett BrickHeadz!]

BrickHeadz™ Boba Fett


Build the Mandalorian bounty hunter Boba Fett with this 161-piece set. It will be available on Oct. 1 for a suggested retail price of $10. [The Empire Strikes Brick with Lego's Luke, Leia, Boba Fett BrickHeadz!]

BrickHeadz™ Princess Leia Organa


Even in Lego form, Princess Leia Organa rocks her classic, double-bun hairdo. This 124-piece building set will be available on Oct. 1 for a suggested retail price of $10. [The Empire Strikes Brick with Lego's Luke, Leia, Boba Fett BrickHeadz!]

Han Solo's Landspeeder

Go for a cruise with with Han Solo and Qi'ra with this new landspeeder building set released for "Solo: A Star Wars Story" in April 2018. The 345-piece kit includes Han Solo and Qi'ra minifigures with blaster pistols and a Corellian hound figure.
[$30 on]

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