Lego's Biggest Set Ever! The UCS Millennium Falcon in Photos

Working Parts


Under the removable hull, the intricately detailed main hold, rear compartment and gunnery station fill out the interior detailing. The boarding ramp even lowers to complete the exterior effects.

Cockpit Built for 4


The freighter's cockpit has room for four minifigures and has a removable canopy.

Playing out the Scene


For classic Star Wars Han Solo, Princess Leia and C-3PO are right at home in the freighter.

Pieces and parts


This is the largest and most detailed Millennium Falcon model Lego has ever created including options to go classic Star Wars or new Episode VII and VIII.

Guns to Blast


The gunnery station includes a seat for a minifigurine and a fully rotating quad laser cannon.

Team time


The rear compartment of the Millennium Falcon model spotlights the engine room with hyperdrive, console and two doorways. Also, the hidden floor compartment and escape pod hatches are details not forgotten.

Inside the Model


The main hold of the model includes a seating area, a doorway with passageway decorations, a Dejarik holographic game and more.

Quad Cannon


A second quad laser cannon is located on the underside of the model.

A Model for Fans


Lego Star Wars newest Millennium Falcon model makes a fun toy or a spectacular display model.

Bringing Together Classic and New


The set includes characters, pieces and weapons from both the classic Star Wars movies as well as Episode VII and VIII movies. Also included is an informational fact plaque.

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